Your question: Do you have to have a camo shotgun for turkey hunting?

Do turkey shotguns need to be camo?

In one word NO you do not have to have a camo gun to turkey hunt.

Can you turkey hunt without camo?

You’ve noticed by now that full camouflage is a necessity for turkey hunting. … The one camouflage-breaking color you might have to wear is fluorescent orange. Some states in certain turkey seasons require hunters to wear some form of fluorescent orange while moving or sitting.

Can you turkey hunt with any shotgun?

Gun or Bow

Thanks to modern turkey loads and turkey chokes, both 12 and 20 gauge do a good job at taking down a turkey. With Federal Premium Ammunition’s TSS turkey loads, even . 410 shotguns are viable turkey guns. Many hunters choose to use a choke with their turkey guns to keep the pattern of the shot tight.

What kind of shotgun do you use for turkey hunting?

The Right Gauge for a Turkey Shotgun

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I shoot a 12-gauge, which used to be the only answer to the question of turkey gauge, but the astonishing effectiveness of Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) means any gauge—even all the way down to a . 410—can kill a turkey.

What is the best 12 gauge ammo for turkey hunting?

Tungsten loads are by far a better choice than lead for turkey hunters, including those who balk at the substantial recoil of a 12-gauge 3 ½-inch magnum load pushing 2 ounces of lead pellets. Those giant, shoulder-punishing 3 ½–inch shells simply aren’t necessary.

Is scent control important for turkey hunting?

Deer hunters and other big game hunters have always almost always known the importance of scent control when out hunting. … On the other hand, turkey hunters do not have to worry about being “busted” by a turkey’s sense of smell. It is a good thing turkey can’t smell, or they might be impossible to kill.

What do you wear if you don’t have camouflage?

Solid Colors

Some hunting apparel companies don’t even sell camo clothing, instead opting for neutral tones like tan, gray and green. Some experienced hunters will swear that wearing a variety of solid colors to break up the human form is just as effective as camo.

Do you need to wear orange turkey hunting?

Orange should be avoided during turkey season where it’s not required. Orange is very close to red and a hunter dressed in orange can be mistaken for the red head of a gobbler. Unfortunately, most non-hunters do not think of wearing orange while participating in their outdoor pursuits during hunting seasons.

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What colors should you not wear while turkey hunting?

Hunting Safety

As always, a word on safety is in order. Never wear any visible article of clothing into the turkey woods that contains the colors white, red or blue. Not only will turkeys spot you, but these colors are associated with the head of a male turkey, and that can make you a target too.

Can you turkey hunt with a 12 gauge?

Best Shotgun Gauge for Turkey Hunting

You want to go with a shotgun you’re comfortable shooting with the right choke and load. A 12-gauge may shoot further than a 20-gauge, but the 20-gauge has less recoil. There are several options for shotguns, and your selection depends on where and how you hunt turkeys.

Can you hunt turkey with a 20 gauge?

Light, easier to point and new shell options put 20-gauges in the turkey hunting game. You might try a 20. The lighter gun’s softer kick, lighter barrel and brand-new shell options could make your hunting more effective and fun.

What size shot is best for turkey?

Many hunters favor size 6 shot. If your gun does not pattern tightly, using 6 makes sense out to 35, maybe 40 yards. I patterned both lead 6s and heavy-shot 6s to see what really was taking place. Out to 40 yards, the 6s really threw a great pattern, providing many vital head and neck hits.

Can you use a 22 for turkey hunting?

22 is illegal. There are only a few states where hunting turkeys with a rifle is allowed, and even then it is often only during the fall season. Aside from it being illegal in many areas, there are other reasons why it isn’t the best idea to hunt turkey with the rifle from your boyhood.

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Where do you aim a turkey?

The most effective firearm shot for a turkey is to the head and neck. The preferred shot angle for bowhunters is broadside, aiming for the heart or lungs.

Is a 410 good for turkey hunting?

410 is now a more viable option for turkey hunters than ever before. You will find that these new loads are quite a bit more expensive than lead ammunition, but when all the beans are counted, you can bet that your ammunition will be the least expensive part of your turkey hunt.