Where do you get Barrett’s weapons?

The Steel Pincers are available for Barret in Chapter 14, and can be purchased from the Moogle Kid at a cost of 7 Moogle Medals. It’s a brand new weapon for the character in the remake and turns Barret into a melee fighter.

Where do you get Barrets weapons?

Barret Final Fantasy VII Remake Weapon Locations

  • Gatling Gun – Barrett gets the Gatling Gun at the beginning of the game.
  • Light Machine Gun – Barrett is given the light machine gun at the end of Chapter 6.
  • Big Bertha – You can buy Big Bertha in Chapter 13 from the Sector 7 Slums weapons shop owner.

What is Barrett’s best weapon?

Barrett starts out with the Gatling Gun, but the breadth of weapons available to him throughout the game is impressive. Barrett can use melee weapons as well as light machine guns that fire shorter bursts. Arguably, his best weapon is Big Bertha, a devastating turret with blistering attack speed.

How many weapons does Barret get in FF7 remake?

There are a total of six weapons that players can get for Barret in the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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How do you get Barrets in EKG cannon?

It’s ideal for when Barret needs to help heal allies. How to get the EKG Cannon: You can obtain this weapon from Hart, Mayor Domino’s assistant, on 62F Upper Level Corporate Archives of the Shinra Building in Chapter 16. It will cost you 10,000 Gil, and is available after you’ve spoken to the Mayor.

How do I get Barrett’s last weapon?

If players want Barret to be a significant force when it comes to wielding magic then his final weapon the EKG Cannon is the one to use. Barret is able to get this weapon in chapter 16 after paying Hart 10,000 Gil for it.

Are steel pincers worth it?

Steel Pincers provide Barret the best overall boost to his attributes, with the second-highest attack power of any of his weapons behind Wrecking Ball, and a fairly respectable magic attribute. Many of the Steel Pincers abilities also improve Barret’s spellcasting.

What’s better buster sword or iron blade?

However, unlike the buster sword, the iron blade has more of a focus on defense and magic. This allows Cloud to lean away from a melee character and move more towards the role of tank character with some magic support. … For this weapon, be sure to equip Materia that is aligned with what the sword does.

Can You Get Big Bertha after Chapter 13?

Obtained. Big Bertha can first be purchased in Chapter 13, “A Broken World”, for 2,500 gil, from the weapons dealer in the Sector 6 Slums Evergreen Park. It can also be bought in Chapter 14, “In Search of Hope”, if missed in “A Broken World”, and in the Shinra Building in Chapter 16, “The Belly of the Beast”.

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What is Cloud’s best weapon?

The Twin Stinger is Cloud’s best weapon, the most balanced in the game, and will reach maximum materia capacity without the need to fully level it up. In addition, it comes equipped with the Counterstance ability allowing Cloud to prepare and retaliate with a devastating area of attack burst.

What is the best weapon for Cloud FF7 remake?

Best Weapons for Cloud in FF7 Remake

  • For the best physical attack value, Hardedge is your best option. …
  • The Nail Bat has pretty poor stats even when fully upgraded, but it’s a unique weapon with a unique move set and animations. …
  • If you want Cloud to be part-mage, the Mythril Saber is the best weapon for magic.

Who voices Barrett remake?

One of the obvious standout aspects of the remake is the English voice cast, which includes John Eric Bentley as the voice of Barret Wallace, leader of AVALANCHE.

Is the EKG Cannon good?

EKG Cannon

This weapon comes with the Point Blank ability. This ability consumes all of Barret’s ATB charge but delivers a close-range attack and can send all enemies in the area flying. This weapon is the best option if players want Barret to use magic but also want to keep him a range fighter.

How do you get TIFA’s Purple Pain?

Where to find Tifa’s Purple Pain weapon in FF7 Remake. You can find the Purple Pain while ascending the Shinra HQ in Chapter 16. Shortly after entering the building, you’ll come upon a section while you’re playing as Tifa. She’ll need to swing across some chandeliers to obtain a Shinra Keycard.

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How do you get reinforced staff in FF7 remake?

Obtained. The chest for reinforced staff. The weapon is obtained from a chest at the beginning of “A Way Out” in Chapter 17, “Deliverance from Chaos”. Before approaching the screen to continue the story, open the chest nearby to obtain the weapon.