Where did the term shotgunning a beer come from?

Where did shotgunning a beer come from?

The idea for the “Shotgun a Beer Every Day” challenge, however, was born in the stands of Dodger Stadium on a particularly significant day: June 18, 2014, when eventual MVP Clayton Kershaw pitched what some consider the best no-hitter of all time.

Why is it called shotgun drinking?

Shotgunning is a means of consuming a beverage, especially beer, very quickly by punching a hole in the side of the can, near the bottom, placing the mouth over the hole, and pulling the tab to open the top.

When did shotgunning beers become a thing?

The piece included a thumbnail about the history of power-chugging, shotgun style, placing the origin — naturally — sometime soon after 1958, when beer was first released in aluminum cans. Steel cans, which came before, were too “well-armored” to lend themselves to such modifications.

What does shotgun a beer mean?

To shotgun, you simply hold your can of beer horizontally, poke a hole in the lower side opposite the actual can opening, put said hole to your mouth, turn the beer so it’s vertical, open the beer “traditionally,” and let the magic of physics and atmospheric pressure force the beer into your mouth without any …

Who invented shotgun?

While shotguns of the muzzleloader and musket types were originally imported to America from England and other European countries, it was an American—Daniel Myron Lefever—who is credited with having invented the first hammerless shotgun in 1878.

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Is shotgunning beer bad?

To shotgun a beer, all you need to do is puncture the bottom of a can of light beer, fold the sharp edges in, position the opening at your mouth, crack the top, and chug. When done properly, shotgunning is safe, but drinking several beers quickly increases the likelihood of alcohol poisoning.

What’s the world record for chugging a beer?

4.Fastest beer chugging record

It has not been broken since 1977, when Steven Petrosino (Lt. Col. USMC retired) chugged 1 litre of beer in 1.3 seconds.

Can you shotgun a soda?

Would it work with a soda? Yes. This will work with anything in an aluminum can, including soda. Just watch out for foam, since most sodas are fizzier than most beers.