What is a good pistol barrel length?

So at short range, a shorter barrel is adequate so long as the firearm is in good condition. Say 4-5″ for an automatic pistol and 4″ for a revolver. Jay, the length of a pistol or revolver (handguns generally) barrel aids in accuracy and accuracy over distance.

What is the best barrel length for 9mm pistol?

The best barrel length for a 9mm is in the 5-8 inch (12.7-20.32 cm) range.

Is a longer pistol barrel better?

Longer barrels do tend to offer more accuracy but longer barrels are harder to hide in a concealed application. Another advantage of a longer barrel is target visibility and sight alignment. All things being equal, a revolver will generally be shorter than a semiauto pistol because of the way the guns function.

What barrel length is best for concealed carry?

Typically concealed carry guns are best when they are a compact size or smaller. Compact firearms are usually about a 4” barrel. Most concealed carry holders will recommend a sub-compact, those are also the most popular firearms to carry every day.

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What does barrel length do for a pistol?

We know that barrel length affects velocity. Longer barrels produce higher speeds. That’s true for handguns, rifles and shotguns. There are limits to this rule, and if a barrel is really long, the bullet can start to slow down before it exits.

What is the best barrel length for a 5.56 pistol?

20″ barrels provide the most consistent performance across the widest variety of loadings. There are plenty of modern specialized loads “optimized” for use in a 16″ barrel, but the 20″ length will still do things better. Aside from the benefits of velocity, the long 20″ barrel gives a balance benefit to marksmen.

How long will a 9mm barrel last?

Pistol barrels have a much longer service life than high powered rifle barrels. Pistol calibers burn much less powder,producing less heat and burning gas. A 9/m/m barrel of modern steel should last maybe 20 to 30 thousand rounds before any wear of consequence.

How much does barrel length affect accuracy on a pistol?

Over 25 meters, this inaccuracy translates to the shot hitting 14 centimeters, or about 5.5″, off-target. So, changing nothing about your bad sight picture, you have gotten your point of impact nearly 3 inches closer to the point of aim, just by choosing a pistol with a longer barrel and thus a longer sight radius.

Does pistol barrel length affect recoil?

7227” of travel under power, in addition to the lower velocity. So, as you can see, Keeping the rifle weight and bullet weight the same, and only changing the barrel length, you end up with a reduction of 26% driven recoil distance, and reduction of 6% of your velocity.

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What is the ideal barrel length for 308?

Our experience has shown that for a . 308 caliber tactical rifle with the overall rifle weight and shooting distances mentioned earlier, a barrel of 24-27″ is optimum in one of the fairly heavy contours we discussed.

What barrel length is compact?

Compact pistols will have a barrel length between 3.5 – 4.5 inches, slightly smaller than a full size barrel. Generally, the pistol grip on a compact will fit the users hand without a magazine. Contrary to full size pistols, less of the grip is exposed below the fist.

Can you conceal carry a 4.5 inch barrel?

yes! With a few tips and tricks, it’s not really harder than concealing a subcompact pistol carried the same way. … Whether your pistol has a three-inch subcompact barrel or a 4.5 inch compact version doesn’t really matter. What does matter is the grip itself and there are two secrets to hiding that under light clothing.

What is the best Glock for carry?

The 7 Best Glocks For Concealed Carry

  • Glock 26. First on the list is kind of a no-brainer: the Glock 26. …
  • Glock 19. …
  • Glock 27. …
  • Glock 23. …
  • Glock 42. …
  • Glock 43. …
  • Glock 30.

Are longer barrels more accurate?

5 Answers. The short answer: Yes, a longer gun barrel improves accuracy. Theoretical accuracy of handguns and rifles is driven by rifling, barrel length, and bullet mass.

What is the breech face on a pistol?

Breech: The end of the barrel attached to the action. Breech face: The area around the firing pin, which is against the head of the cartridge or shotshell during firing.

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