Quick Answer: Is a quarterstaff a simple weapon 5e?

What kind of weapon is a quarterstaff?

A quarterstaff (plural quarterstaffs or quarterstaves), also short staff or simply staff is a traditional European pole weapon, which was especially prominent in England during the Early Modern period.

Is quarterstaff a Str or Dex?

Quarterstaff qualifies for the Polearm Master feat. This means that you’d be giving a Dex based character access to a pretty high powered feat.

What weapons are simple weapons 5e?

Most people can use simple Weapons with proficiency. These Weapons include clubs, maces, and other Weapons often found in the hands of commoners. Martial Weapons, including Swords, axes, and polearms, require more specialized Training to use effectively.

Is quarterstaff a light weapon 5e?

A quarterstaff is a double weapon. You can fight with it as if fighting with two weapons, but if you do, you incur all the normal attack penalties associated with fighting with two weapons, just as if you were using a one-handed weapon and a light weapon. … The quarterstaff is a special monk weapon.

Is a quarterstaff a finesse weapon?

So a quarterstaff is totally not a finesse weapon in the rules as written, but when I’ve seen skilled practitioners using them, it certainly looks more like dexterity than strength that they are using.

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What is the difference between staff and quarterstaff?

is that quarterstaff is a wooden staff of an approximate length between 2 and 25 meters, sometimes tipped with iron, used as a weapon in rural england during the early modern period while staff is (plural staffs or staves) a long, straight stick, especially one used to assist in walking.

Does a quarterstaff use Dex?

1. a stout iron-tipped wooden staff about 6ft long, formerly used in England as a weapon. 2. the use of such a staff in fighting, sport, or exercise. Collins English Dictionary.

Is a quarterstaff a Monk weapon?

A Monk weapon is: “any simple melee weapons that don’t have the two-handed or heavy property.” So a Monk weapon is a QuarterStaff and Spear because it does not property “two-handed oor heavy”. But it has Versatile.

Can monks use quarterstaff with Dex?

You can take the Attack action and attack with a quarterstaff using Dex instead of Str and dealing 1d4 (monk), 1d6 (normal) or 1d8 (versatile) damage. Then you can use a Bonus action and make an unarmed strike using Dex instead of Str, dealing 1d4 (monk) damage.

Are guns a simple weapon 5e?

Normally no class is proficient with firearms. However, if you wish firearms to be common enough that characters in your game can be proficient with them from the start, then they can be divided as follows: Simple Weapons: Blunderbuss, arquebus, and caliver. Martial Weapons: Pistol, musket, and handgunne.

What counts as a martial weapon 5e?

DND 5e Martial Weapons

Martial weapons includes: battleaxes, flails, glaives, greataxes, greatswords, halberds, lances, longswords, mauls, morningstars, pikes, rapiers, scimitars, shortswords, tridents, warhammers, war picks, warhammers, whips, blowguns, hand crossbow, heavy crossbows, longbows, and nets.

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Is a whip a simple weapon 5e?

As-is a whip is basically just a dagger that deals slashing damage and has a 10 ft. reach. … However, whips are not poorly-balanced. They are a one-handed finesse weapon with reach.

Is a quarterstaff a staff 5E?

Can the arcane/druidic focus staff double as a quarterstaff? Any Staff, magical or otherwise, can be used as a simple melee weapon in an identical manner as an ordinary Quarterstaff. DMG page 140 states this regarding magic staves: Unless a staff’s description says otherwise, a staff can be used as a quarterstaff.

Is a staff a weapon 5E?

A staff is always a weapon.

Is a staff a light weapon?

The staff of light is a two-handed staff that requires 75 Magic to wield. It is obtained as a unique drop from ice strykewyrms, requiring 93 Slayer to kill.

Staff of light
Low alch 38,000 coins
On death Reclaimable Reclaim: 45,349 Sacrifice: 181,396
Weight 2.267 kg