How do you get the model shotgun in Resident Evil 7?

You’ll need the Snake Key to open the door to the room, but once you’re in, head to right as you enter and check out the desk lamp. This will activate the ladder to the attic. Climb the ladder, make a U-turn around the railing to your right, and head to the back corner. You’ll find the model shotgun on a shelf.

Where is the model shotgun in Resident Evil 7?

Location. During Easy and Normal, the Model Shotgun is located in the Main House Attic. During Madhouse, it is in the Processing Area/Dissection Room.

How do you get the M21 shotgun in Resident Evil 7?

Shotgun can be acquired from the Trophy Room after you have acquired the M37 shotgun already. You can grab the M21 (Broken Shotgun) by replacing it in the statue’s hands with the Model Shotgun found in the attic above Evelyn’s room (locked by Snake Key).

How do you get the powerful shotgun in RE7?

To obtain the M21 shotgun, you need to collect the broken shotgun on the second floor of the main house. This nonfunctional weapon is found in Grandma’s room. You will also need to pick up the Snake Key so you can head into the attic, which also serves as Jacob’s room. Inside the attic you’ll find the model shotgun.

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What do you do after you get the shotgun in Resident Evil 7?

Pick up the shotgun, which will trigger the pressure plate and lock the door behind you. Replace it with the broken shotgun to open the door back up. Now you’ve got a shotgun! Run back to the safe room to save and clean up your inventory one more time.

What is the password for Lucas Resident Evil 7?

Make your way through the corridor up here to a room with a desk and a burnt corpse. Check the file that’s stuck to it to find out Lucas’ password, 1408.

Where is the broken shotgun Resident Evil?

Location: The Broken Shotgun is located on the second floor of the Main House. It is located inside Grandma’s Room, which is locked by a Scorpion Door, and requires the Scorpion Key from the Processing Area to unlock.

Is the M21 better than the M37?

The M37 Shotgun has a wide pellet spread and packs comparatively less firepower in contrast to the M21 Shotgun’s tight spread and staggering damage. It does however, has an advantage in capacity, being able to hold 4 shells compared to the M21 Shotgun’s 2 shells.

Which shotgun is best in RE7?

Resident Evil 7 – How to get the Shotgun, and turn the Broken Shotgun into the improved M21 Shotgun. Get one of the game’s most valuable weapons.

What is the strongest weapon in Resident Evil 7?

The Albert-01 Replica is the most powerful handgun in Resident Evil 7. It only holds 3 bullets.

What are the antique coins for in Resident Evil 7?

Antique Coins are a collectible with a purpose. At two points in the game (the Trailer safe room in the Yard and the Swamp safe room), they can be exchanged for three items: Steroids (3 coins), a Stabilizer (6 coins), and the 44 Magnum pistol (9 coins). There are 18 Antique Coins on Easy or Normal difficulty.

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