How do I stop settlers from taking weapons?

How do you stop settlers from stealing weapons?

8 Answers. There are still a few options; Keep your best equipment and power armor in a depopulated settlement, such as Red Rocket truck stop. If you haven’t sent settlers there, then settlers can’t steal your equipment.

Can you make settlers wear power armor?

You cannot command settlers to wear power armor. They may enter power armor on occasion if the armor is powered (contains a fusion core), the armor is near the settler, and the settlement is attacked.

Will settlers use weapons in workbench?

They will grab weapons from the workbench during an attack but it requires the ammo there too And they’ll take all the ammo. As for clothing armor you’ll need to equip them if you want them to have better stuff.

Do you have to give settlers ammo Fallout 4?

Settlers can be equipped with a gun by the player character and they will not consume any ammo, but in order to use that weapon, they need to have at least 1 (one) ammo in their inventory of the type that the equipped weapon uses. That single ammo will never be consumed and act as infinite ammo.

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How do you stop settlers from using power armor?

1 Answer

  1. Remove the Fusion Core. …
  2. Remove all the pieces of the armor as well, leaving just an empty frame. …
  3. Leave them some where remote or difficult to get to in the settlement.
  4. Leave them on a yellow rig. …
  5. Create an inaccessible Suit Depo. …
  6. Keep your suits at an empty settlement.

Should I build settlements in Fallout 4?

The Settlement component of Fallout 4 is strategically helpful and improves the game’s immersion. … You can ignore them, but rallying the people of the Commonwealth and improving their lives is a core idea in this game. They don’t tell you much in the beginning.

Can settlers use stolen Power Armor?

Settlers CAN still steal armor even if it’s on a rack. Settlers CAN still steal armor even if it has no core in it. I had a settler steal 22 100% cores from a crate, then jumped in my armor and used it. … After a while, settlers will get out of the armor on their own and just leave them lying around.

Do companions in Power Armor use cores?

No, they don’t use up fusion cores for Power Armor.

Can you give settlers armor in Fallout 4?

Did you know that you can give your settlers and companions gear? It may not seem important, but if you give your settlers better weapons than they start with, they will be better equipped to defend your land if Raiders attack. The same applies to armor, letting them take more damage.

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How do you make a stolen power armor?

Step by Step

  1. Steal a Power Armor in the Game (Pickpocketing the Fusion Core out of it)
  2. Open the Console and click on the Power Armor so a line of numbers / text appears on the screen.
  3. Type in the command: setownership.
  4. The Power Armor is now yours and doesn’t count as ‘Stealing’ each time you enter it.

What do scavenging stations do?

Scavenger stations are one of the more interesting jobs you can assign to a Settler in Fallout 4, and many people will wonder how it works. Settlers who are assigned as Scavengers will regularly deposit random items into the Workshop inventory, which can be used for your own crafting.

How do I get Brahmin in Fallout 4?

Buy from a Traveller

Just make sure you have the money to afford the creature. Once you’ve paid him, simply select the settlement that you want to send the Brahmin to and it’ll slowly but surely make its way there. Sometimes fast traveling and waiting can help to make the Brahmin appear at your chosen settlement.

What is Piper’s default weapon?

Companion default weaponry; do I need to give ammo for modded weapons? Piper uses a 10mm Pistol. Cait uses a double-barrel shotgun.

What is Nick Valentine default weapon?

Valentine uses a revolver pistol as his default weapon, and has a considerable amount of skill in security hacking.

Is Proctor Ingram crippled?

Bound to her power armor frame, Ingram lost her legs in combat in the Capital Wasteland, as a result of a hundred-foot fall that left the power armor she was piloting totaled and both of her legs crushed, fit only for amputation above the knee.

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