Frequent question: What COD games had shotguns as secondary?

Melee Weapons (stand-alone ones), such as the Combat Knife or Brass Knuckles. Additionally, shotguns are used as secondary weapons in Modern Warfare 2 and in the campaign mode of Infinite Warfare.

Are shotguns secondary in Cold War?

COD Cold War has designated the shotgun as a secondary weapon. Unlike previous Call of Duty games wherein the Shotgun is a primary weapon, players can now bring it along with any long-range weapons to deal with close range fights.

Why are shotguns secondary weapons in Cold War?

Shotguns are a powerful choice for a secondary. In the past, their limited utility made them difficult for players to use as a main weapon especially if you weren’t the best shot. Shotguns are now a much more viable option for Cold War secondary weapons.

Are shotguns secondaries in Black Ops 4?

Along with Primary Weapons, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 also sees the addition of 10 Secondary Weapons that range from Pistols, Shotguns, and even Launchers.

Are shotguns primary or secondary?

It is to note that in the campaign mode of Infinite Warfare, shotguns are secondary weapons instead of primary.

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Is the Hauer or Gallo better?

The Hauer 77 is a classic pump-action shotgun that features high damage and range, but it has a slow fire rate. … This is likely due to the weapon’s higher damage output and overall popularity of pump-action shotguns. However, we recommend choosing the Gallo over the Hauer.

Are shotguns secondaries in modern warfare?

Additionally, shotguns are used as secondary weapons in Modern Warfare 2 and in the campaign mode of Infinite Warfare. This also applies to submachine guns and heavies in Infinite Warfare’s campaign.

Are shotguns good in Cold War?

Shotguns are generally all about close-range combat and firing wild from the hip. However, the Gallo SA12 is good enough that its effective range almost extends far further than you’d expect.

Which shotgun is better in cold war?

Black Ops Cold War best shotgun – Gallo SA12

The Gallo SA12 has proved to be the most lethal and consistent gun for us, often able to eliminate enemies in one shot. Other shotguns are a bit more hit and miss (no pun intended) and don’t quite have the range of the Gallo SA12, either.

Is the 1911 good in Cold War?

The 1911 handgun is one of three base game pistols in Black Ops Cold War, and each one of them has a place in the current meta. In general, the pistols are all surprisingly good, especially in close-quarter situations. Choices like the Magnums can even kill just as fast as any shotgun when shots land right.

How many shotguns are in bo4?

There are currently two Shotguns available in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

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Is the grav a DLC weapon?

Yes, that is right, its the new Grav DLC Weapon that everyone got for FREE through the community contract! … Enjoy the clips and nuclear gameplay in #BlackOps4.

What shotguns are in Black Ops 2?

Shotguns in Campaign

  • M1216.
  • KSG.
  • S12.
  • R870 MCS.
  • SPAS-12.
  • Olympia.

What is the Olympia shotgun?

The Olympia is a high damage per pellet shotgun, rivalling the Stakeout. The Olympia fires eight pellets per shot. … The Olympia is the only shotgun in Black Ops to have an extended maximum damage range.

What are the shotguns in cod?


  • Model 680. Alpha.
  • R9-0 Shotgun. Bravo.
  • 725. Charlie.
  • Origin 12. Delta.
  • VLK Rogue. Echo. Season 2.
  • JAK-12. Foxtrot. Season 6.