Can you kill a deer with a 45 caliber pistol?

As a hunting cartridge, the . 45 ACP is, well, less than ideal, yet I know those who have used it successfully for deer-sized game at close ranges. In my personal opinion, there are better choices for a hunting handgun cartridge. … 45 ACP, he or she would be well-served by carrying one.

Will a Glock 45 kill a deer?

First, the Glock still possesses a powerful round that can help you take down a large animal, such as a deer. In addition, the Glock is also a handgun. This means that it is incredibly fast to draw, it is easy to spot a target, and it is quick to put rounds on this target. The high firing rate is not lost in the woods.

What is the smallest caliber pistol you can use for deer hunting?

. 243 would be the minimum caliber for deer. It carries enough energy and cross section to get the job done. Although apparently there are some that hunt with the .

Can you hunt deer with a 9mm pistol?

Yes. A 9mm pistol will kill a deer at the right range (25 yards or closer) and with proper shot placement, so a carbine will be just as, if not more, effective. Most people can’t, or just don’t, get close enough and can’t shoot well enough to use a 9mm on a deer.

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Are Glocks good for hunting?

Conclusion: The 10mm Glock is an incredibly versatile handgun that uses a powerful cartridge. At reasonable distances, the Glock 20 is a perfectly viable handgun for big game and a great all-around choice for the great outdoors.

Can you use a pistol for hunting?

Handgun hunting is a relatively short-range hunting style that involves taking game with a hunting pistol or revolver. Though similar in many ways to firearm and bow hunting, handgun hunting relies on additional accuracy and marksmanship skills. It’s truly one of the most thrilling hunting pursuits around.

Can you hunt deer with .45 ACP in Michigan?

The short answer is yes.

Are hollow points good for deer hunting?

Hollow points are generally designed for rapid expansion, and even near-explosive fragmentation at high velocities. For deer hunting, they work well out of slower, large-caliber rifles. … Good jacketed hollow point bullets are lethal for muzzleloader and shotgun slug hunters, too, especially inside 100 yards.

What can you hunt with a Glock 20?

There you have it, the Glock 20 is more than capable for hunting whitetail deer in the right hands. That buck went down immediately. Most people might not consider this gun for hunting since it only has a 4.61-inch barrel.