Are shotguns good in Call of Duty?

The shotgun deals a lot of damage up close and players can down enemies in two shots. However, since it is a pump-action shotgun, if players miss just one shot the VLK’s time to kill drops drastically. The VLK is certainly viable, but the semi-automatic shotguns are more forgiving.

Are shotguns good in modern warfare?

Shotguns have always been a reliable weapon in the Call of Duty franchise. If you are next to an enemy, there is no better option to dispose of the opposition. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare might have only a few choices in shotguns, but each is a powerful weapon to have in your loadout.

Are shotguns op in cod?

The shotgun can be very annoying to come up against and this is due to the fact that it is so overpowered and can kill enemies in one hit. Due to it being so overpowered, you need to be creating a loadout to make sure you can compete.

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Is the best shotgun in Call of Duty Mobile?

Hence, the KRM-262 is probably the best shotgun to employ in COD Mobile Season 8; it has great damage output and adaptability, despite the lack of balancing changes in this class.

What’s the best shotgun in cod cold war?

However, going by player popularity and overall performance, the best shotgun in Cold War is the Gallo SA12.

What guns do pros use in Modern Warfare?

With the first iteration of the competitive ruleset having already been released for the upcoming Modern Warfare competitive season, all of the pros have been testing out various attachment combinations for the three weapons currently make up the meta – M4A1 assault rifle, MP5 SMG, and MP7 SMG.

Which gun is best in cod?

5 Best Guns In COD Mobile To Play With

S. No. Best Guns In COD Mobile Type
1. M13 Assault Rifle
2. Holger 26 LMG
3. Locus Sniper
4. MX9 SMG

Are combat shotguns nerfed?

Fortnite’s combat shotgun was quite a popular weapon amongst players when it was first released into the game. … The shotgun was eventually nerfed a bit, but it was still a popular option in the shotgun slot. It was eventually thrown into the vault, and wasn’t added back to the game until Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 4.

Is the JAK-12 op?

The Warzone JAK-12 shotgun was added to the game way back in October and at the time, it was incredibly powerful. It received a nerf shortly after to stop it from being quite so overpowered, but it’s still one of the better shotguns in Call of Duty Warzone, with some serious long range potential.

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Did they nerf the Jak-12?

The JAK-12 shotgun has undergone a nerf. … Modern Warfare and Warzone developer Infinity Ward has released full patch notes for the update, which includes a wave of bug fixes and a nerf to the recently-added JAK-12 shotgun. You can check out all the changes below.

What are the shotguns in cod?


  • Model 680. Alpha.
  • R9-0 Shotgun. Bravo.
  • 725. Charlie.
  • Origin 12. Delta.
  • VLK Rogue. Echo. Season 2.
  • JAK-12. Foxtrot. Season 6.

What is the strongest SMG in cod mobile?

Pharo – Best SMG In COD Mobile

It gives a maximum damage of 34, which is the maximum out of all the best SMGs in COD Mobile Season 9. It also comes with an incredible fire rate of 68, which means you can be both aggressive and defensive with Pharo in your hands.

Does Call of Duty Cold War have shotguns?

COD Cold War has designated the shotgun as a secondary weapon. Unlike previous Call of Duty games wherein the Shotgun is a primary weapon, players can now bring it along with any long-range weapons to deal with close range fights.

Are there no shotguns in Cold War?

Treyarch removes new Black Ops Cold War mid-season weapons after bug. After having the unlock challenges accidentally go live early in Warzone, Treyarch have removed the ability to earn the Streetsweeper shotgun, along with two other melee weapons, and has removed them from players’ inventories.

What is the best shotgun in Call of Duty?

With the proper attachments, the Jak-12 is the best shotgun to use in Warzone because it has the tightest hip fire spread of all the shotguns. Players may have a slower time to kill using the Jak-12 compared to the increased fire rate Streetsweeper, but the Streetsweeper’s reload animation takes forever.

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