You asked: What’s the difference between a Mossberg 500 and a Mossberg 835?

Will a Mossberg 500 stock fit a Mossberg 835?

Ok, for example, a stock from an 835 will fit on a 500. A 500 pistol grip works on an 835. Some barrels will fit more than one model. For the most part, 500’s and 590’s are interchangable, but not barrels and mag tubes with the 590 rings and mag tube cap.

Which Mossberg is best?

Mossberg 500: The Best Shotgun of All Time?

  • Reliability. …
  • Handling. …
  • Trigger. …
  • Magazine & Reloading. …
  • Length & Weight. …
  • Recoil Management. Recoil is pretty much average for a 12-gauge shotgun, if not a little better. …
  • Price. The Mossberg 500 retails around $320. …
  • My Verdict? This is the perfect all-purpose shotgun.

Whats the difference between a Mossberg 500 and 590?

The Mossberg 590 Shotgun is the upgraded version of the Mossberg 500 that is specifically designed for LEO, Military, self-defense, and 3-Gun competitions. the 590 can be used for hunting, but it’s not recommended because the barrels are shorter and there is less adjustment in the choke.

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Do Mossberg 500 accessories fit Maverick 88?

The Maverick 88 is a pump action shotgun manufactured for O.F. Mossberg & Sons. The Maverick 88 is virtually identical to the Mossberg 500. … Most accessories not dealing with the trigger are interchangeable with a Mossberg 500.

Is the Mossberg 500 good for home defense?

The Mossberg 500 series has earned a reputation for dependability, which is paramount when selecting a home defense shotgun. … All of these qualities make pump guns a logical choice for home defense, and Mossberg makes more pump guns than any company in the world.

Do they still make Mossberg 500?

Current Production Model 500s

Today, Mossberg makes the 500 in two broad categories: field models for hunting purposes, and special-purpose models. Field models are available in a variety of barrel lengths and finishes (including modern camouflage patterns), and with sights or optics.

Is the Mossberg 500 a good shotgun?

The Mossberg 500 is one of those most reliable shotguns you’ll ever put your hands on. So, it’s only right that you help take care of it as much as it does you. Although the Mossberg 500 is pretty close to perfect as is, there’s always room for some sweet customizations.

What is the difference between a Mossberg 590 and 590a1?

The only difference between the 590 and 590a1 is that the 590a1 has a thicker barrel, metal trigger group, and metal safety button.

Is it legal to own a Mossberg 590?

The Mossberg Shockwave

Short barreled shotguns without shoulder stocks and less than 26 inches in length are regulated under the NFA because they are easily concealed, and were favored by criminals at the time of the law’s passage. The product debuted to press explaining that yes, it is indeed legal.

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Are Mossberg 500 barrels interchangeable with Maverick 88?

Maverick 88 pump-action models are fully-interchangeable with Mossberg 500 barrels (within gauge and capacity). The diverse selection of available accessory barrels allow shooters to adapt their Maverick 88 for multiple hunting or security purposes.

Can Maverick 88 shoot slugs?

I have a Maverick Security 88 and have not hesitated to put field loads, buckshot or slugs through it. As others have said the only hesitation I would have would be if it has a really tight choke.

Is a maverick 88 a good shotgun?

The Mossberg Maverick 88 is simply a more affordable version of the Mossberg 500. The Maverick 88 is great for an introductory shotgun, a home-defense shotgun, or a truck gun. It’s durable, dependable, and shoots true every time.

Will a Mossberg 835 barrel fit a 590?

As I understand it, you can only use 835 barrels on the 18.5″ model 590A1.