You asked: How much Mora does it take to get a weapon to 90?

How much does it cost to LVL 90 a weapon Genshin?


Level Range Items Used [Weapon EXP Provided] Cost
60→70 129 129,920
70→80 175 175,040
80→90 371 371,480

How much Mora does it take to level up a weapon?

Weapon upgrades

Now upgrading a 4 and 5-star weapon will require you to spend around 750K Mora and 1.31 million Mora, respectively. That’s a big number, and it only makes Mora even more valuable than it already was before.

How much Mora does it take to ascend to 80?

Ascension Cost from 70 to 80

Mora Cost (70 → 80)
Item (Only 1 of Each Type) Quantity

How much Mora does it take to Max a talent?

The total cost of leveling talents up to ten is: 1,652,500 Mora.

Is Ayaka good Genshin impact?

Ayaka is a great character. She’s a strong Cryo DPS with high attack and speed. By comparing her pre-release stats and the recent gameplay demo, it seems like Ayaka will shake up the Genshn Impact meta. If built correctly, she could likely become one of the best DPS characters in the entire game.

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Are level 90 weapons worth it?

It shows that LvL 90 is about 13.55% stronger than LvL 80 with the same talent lvl and lvl 90 weapon. While LvL 90 is about 29.76% stronger than LvL 70 with both lvl 6 talents. It shows that LvL 90 is about 11.37% stronger than LvL 80 with the same talent lvl and lvl 90 weapon.

How much Mora does it take to get a character to level 90?

EXP and Mora Cost

Level EXP Mora
60 854,125 172,000
70 1,195,925 240,000
80 1,611,875 324,000
90 3,423,125 688,000

Is Deathmatch good Genshin impact?

Deathmatch is a 4-Star Polearm that you can only get from the Battle Pass in Genshin Impact.

Deathmatch Information.

Rarity ★★★★
Bonus Effect CRIT Rate + 8.00%
Skill Gladiator ・If there are at least 2 enemies nearby, ATK is increased by 16%. If there are less than 2 enemies nearby, ATK is increased by 24%.

How do you get skyward spine?

Skyward Spine can be obtained by pulling on the Epitome Invocation Weapon Event Wish Banner and Wanderlust Invocation Standard Wish Banner at a normal rate. Skyward Spine cannot be obtained from the Character Event Wish Banner.

How many wits does it take to get to level 90?

As you can see, you will need a lot of heroe’s wit and 700.000 moras to get lvl 90 on your char.

How do you ascend Aloy?

Aloy’s ascension materials are spread between the available regions: Spectral drops: Dropped by Specters in Inazuma. Crystal Marrow: Obtainable in Inazuma. Crystalline Bloom: Farmable via Cryo Hypostasis in Dragonspine.

Ascension materials needed

  1. 20,000 Mora.
  2. 1 Shivada Jade Sliver.
  3. 3 Crystal Marrow.
  4. 3 Spectral Husk.
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How much does it cost to max out a character in Genshin impact?

TL/DR: It will take you 75(potentially 78 or 85 depending on rank 8 and 9 talents) days to fully max out one character along with their weapon and artifacts costing you 13,880(potentially 14,000) resin.

How many talent books does Xiao have?

Xiao needs 18 Shadow of the Warrior to max out his talents.

What is the highest level character in Genshin?

What is the Highest Character Level? Currently, the highest Character Level in Genshin Impact is Level 90. This grants you maximum character stats and the ability to completely level-up your Talents (once you have the materials).

How do you farm Mora?

How to get Mora in Genshin Impact

  1. Treasure Chests.
  2. Expeditions.
  3. Exchange Anemo Sigils.
  4. Kill high-level mobs.
  5. Complete challenges in the Spiral Abyss.
  6. Adventure Book chapters.
  7. Open the Northland Bank chest.