Why is the primal shotgun so overpowered?

The Primal Shotgun’s fire rate mixed with damage output makes it unquestionably the most overpowered weapon currently in Fortnite. MackWood’s clip above shows its capability before Patch 16.10, which Epic deployed earlier this week with a minor nerf to the shotgun.

Is the primal shotgun overpowered?

Despite its strengths, it has shortcomings that make it less than overpowered. There is one more shot needed to kill full-health and shield players with the Mythic Primal Shotgun. If the Mythic Primal Shotgun worked as slow as a pump, it would make a difference, but it’s a lot faster.

Is the primal shotgun better than the pump?

However, the difference is in the DPS. The Pump Shotgun has a DPS of 77 while the Primal Shotgun has a DPS of 269. The Primal Shotgun has a higher rate of fire compared to the Pump Shotgun. And most interestingly, the Primal Shotgun fires two rounds in one shot making it deadlier amongst the two.

How much damage does primal shotgun do?


Primal Shotgun
DPS 228
Damage 60
Fire Rate 3.8
Magazine Size 12

Why are shotguns so bad in fortnite?

It is a low accuracy weapon and requires a lot of shots to get a kill. It also has a low fire-rate and high bullet spread accuracy.

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Is the primal shotgun getting nerfed?

Primal Shotgun Nerfs

Primal Shotgun damage has been reduced, and pullout time has been increased.

Is Primal shotgun better than makeshift?

Strategy. The Makeshift Shotgun is a good choice for early game until one gets their hands on either a Primal or Pump Shotgun. … All of this means that a Makeshift Shotgun would be only better than a Common Pump Shotgun (that is currently vaulted).

What is the max damage a GREY pump can do?

Pump Shotgun (Rare, Blue): 100 damage, 200 max headshot damage. Tactical Shotgun (Common, Gray): 71 damage, 160 max headshot damage.

Which shotgun is better in fortnite?

The tactical shotgun is currently the best choice for players looking for a high rate of fire. While the pump shotgun is a much more powerful option, it sacrifices the fire rate for its 95 damage points.

What are shotguns in fortnite?

Shotguns fill the role of a short range weapon and are often used for up close engagements, due to their high damage per shot. Shotguns uniquely fire a spread of pellets rather than a single shot.