Why did the colonists hide their weapons?

The British were not looking for rebels or the leaders who were advocating resistance to the crown. They were under specific orders to seize and destroy arms and munitions believed to be hidden in the two towns. … If British troops could disarm the militia, there would be less of a threat to their control.

Where did the colonists hide military supplies?

About 700 British Army regulars in Boston, under Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith, were given secret orders to capture and destroy Colonial military supplies reportedly stored by the Massachusetts militia at Concord.

What country secretly sent weapons to the colonists?

French involvement in the American Revolutionary War of 1775–1783 began in 1776 when the Kingdom of France secretly shipped supplies to the Continental Army of the Thirteen Colonies when it was established in June of 1775.

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Where were the colonists storing arms and ammunition?

Thomas Gage ordered all the inhabitants of Boston to turn in their arms at Faneuil Hall for temporary safekeeping. When the people complied, troops seized the firearms, never to return them.

Did the colonists have weapons?

The American Revolutionary Soldiers used a variety of different weapons including muskets, pistols, rifles, long rifles, knives, bayonets, tomahawks, axes, swords, sabres, pole arms and cannon. The soldiers also carried the equipment needed to fight, such as shot molds, tinder lighters and cartridge boxes.

What was one of the most commonly used popular weapons of the Revolutionary War?

Muskets. Weapons were the army’s main concern. The most important weapon during the American Revolution was the musket—a long smoothbore gun (a gun without grooves inside its barrel) fired from the shoulder—with a bayonet attached at the end. These weapons led to a certain style of fighting in the 1700s.

What caused the Battles of Lexington and Concord?

The British marched into Lexington and Concord intending to suppress the possibility of rebellion by seizing weapons from the colonists. Instead, their actions sparked the first battle of the Revolutionary War.

Who fired first shot in Revolutionary War?

The British troops confronted one small group in Lexington, and for some reason, a shot rang out. The British opened fire upon the Patriots and then started a bayonet attack, killing eight local militia members.

What did the British want to do with the colonists weapons?

The British government wanted to seize the lawfully owned firearms of the colonists. If British troops could disarm the militia, there would be less of a threat to their control. This is one of the reasons the Second Amendment was added to the Constitution.

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Where were the colonists hiding smuggled weapons?

At first, France supported the colonists only in secret. Gunpowder, ammunition, weapons, and money were smuggled into the country, hidden in commercial ships.

What were the colonists trying to hide from the British at Concord Massachusetts?

On April 18, 1775, British troops march out of Boston on a mission to confiscate the American arsenal at Concord and to capture Patriot leaders Samuel Adams and John Hancock, known to be hiding at Lexington.

Why didn’t the British win the Revolutionary War?

Why the British were doomed from the get-go in the American Revolutionary War. … There was no hope of conquering America — the territory was too big and available resources too meager. At the outbreak of hostilities, the British Army numbered just 45,000 men, spread over a substantial global empire.

Where did the British go after leaving Boston?

Realizing their position was now indefensible, 11,000 British troops and some 1,000 Loyalists departed Boston by ship on March 17, sailing to the safety of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

How did Revolutionary War cannons work?

Siege cannon fired solid shot, destroying fortifications and buildings. Against ships, cannon crews utilized hot shot, a superheated cannon ball that could set a ship on fire; and bar shot and chain shot, (two halves of a cannon ball attached by either a bar or chain) that could pull down a ship’s mast and rigging.

What were the 5 main weapons during the civil war?

Five types of rifles were developed for the war: rifles, short rifles, repeating rifles, rifle muskets, and cavalry carbines.

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How were cartridges made in the Revolutionary War?

Revolutionary War era powder horn and cartridge box. Many colonial soldiers made their own cartridges – pouring the powder and rolling their gun’s caliber shot to place in cartridge boxes like the one pictured. … British boxes were made of stout calfskin, each capable of holding twenty-four to thirty cartridges.