Who made JC Higgins pump shotguns?

J.C. Higgins Model 20, a 12, 16, or 20-gauge pump-action shotgun manufactured by High Standard, Model 200.

When did J.C. Higgins go out of business?

The J.C. Higgins brand disappeared shortly after Sears introduced the Ted Williams brand of sporting and recreation goods in 1961.

Who made shotguns for Montgomery Ward?

Into the 1980s, many retailers sold high quality firearms that were rebranded under license from major manufacturers. Montgomery Ward carried a line of firearms under the Western Field brand that were made by Savage/Stevens, Mossberg, Marlin, Glenfield, Springfield, High Standard and others.

Who sold J.C. Higgins products?

From 1908 until 1962, Sears, Roebuck & Company sold a wide variety of sporting goods and recreational equipment, including bicycles, golf clubs, rifles, shotguns, and revolvers under the brand name “J. C. Higgins.” These products were well made and were popular with the company’s historical core of rural and working- …

Who made the J.C. Higgins Model 30?

The Sears J. C. Higgins Model 30 rifle is chambered for 22 LR only and was designed and manufactured by High Standard for Sears Roebuck and Co. from 1953 to 1957.

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Who made J.C. Higgins bamboo fly rods?

0374: J.C. Higgins, model 3001, by Montague, varnished 6-strip bamboo fly rod.

Who made Sears firearms?

Like many other Sears products, the Sears firearms were originally made by major firearm manufacturers. The Model 20 was produced by High Standard Arms, as was the Model 88 revolver. The J.C. Higgins brand for Sears sporting goods was replaced with the Ted Williams brand.

Who made Westfield shotguns?

Stevens Arms

Industry Firearms manufacturer
Headquarters Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts , U.S.
Key people W.B. Fay and James Taylor
Products Rifles, pistols, shotguns
Parent Savage Arms

Who made rifles for Western Auto?

Mossberg & Sons, Remington Arms, Savage Arms, Winchester Repeating Arms Company, and High Standard Manufacturing Company. Western Auto firearms sold under the “Revelation” brand name, and were generally models from the brands Savage, Marlin Firearms, or Mossberg.

Is Sears Roebuck still in business?

It once operated more than 3,500 locations across the U.S. under its namesake Sears brand and Kmart. Roughly 700 are still in business and it hopes to keep a portion open through this holiday season.

Who made Sears Model 21?

The 21 is one of several products produced under the brand J.C. Higgins by Sears, Roebuck and Company (more commonly known as Sears). The name was based on real Sears employee John Higgins.

Who manufactured Ranger shotguns?

Who was the manufacturer? A. Sears sold Ranger shotguns during the 1930s, though it halted sales during World War II.

Who made the Ranger 22 caliber rifle?

New for 2020. The NEW Ranger 22 brings a widely anticipated rimfire option back to the Christensen Arms line-up. Far beyond the bounds of an average plinking gun, this new firearm delivers the top-tier performance expected from Christensen Arms in an advanced . 22 caliber firearm.

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