Where are the weapons in Rage 2?

What weapons are in Rage 2?

Rage 2 Weapons List

  • BGF 9000.
  • Sidewinder Pistol.
  • Ranger Assault Rifle.
  • Combat Shotgun.
  • Smart Rocket Launcher.
  • Firestorm Revolver.
  • Grav-Dart Launcher.
  • Hyper-Cannon.

What is the best weapon in Rage 2?

The Combat Shotgun is the most powerful and useful weapon in the early game (before you go out exploring the dangerous wasteland). This gun is perfect for taking down unarmored or fast moving targets quickly and easily, especially at close range.

Where is the settler pistol in Rage 2?

Found In The Cult of the Death God Mission

The Settler Pistol is found in the pre-order bonus mission Cult of the Death God in the Sekreto Wildlands region.

Where is the firestorm revolver in Rage 2?

Found In Dank Catacombs Ark

The Firestorm Revolver is found in the Dank Catacombs Ark in the Sekreto Wildlands region. Simply activate the Ark in the area to obtain the weapon.

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Where can I get weapon core mods in Rage 2?

Weapon core mods can be acquired in two ways – one of the methods is to buy them from a merchant. However, it costs $1,000 a piece. The second way is to explore the world and complete side activities. In many places, you will come across the Ark chests.

How many Arks are there in Rage 2?

There are a total of 14 Arks scattered around the world of Rage 2. Two of them are tied to story missions — in Vineland and Gunbarrel.

What should I upgrade first in Rage 2?

Best Project Upgrades and Skills to Get First in Rage 2

  1. Surprise Attack: Any attack on an unaware enemy deals 5x damage.
  2. Sprinting Reload: Enable reloading while sprinting.
  3. Moving Target: Damage taken from enemy bullets while sprinting is reduced by 30%.

What do the cheats do in Rage 2?

Rage 2 Cheats

Rage 2 Cheat Cheat Description Cheat Cost
Diamond Geezer Enables Danny Dyer as a commentator 2,000
Git Gud All enemies go down in one hit 1,000
He’s on Fire Enables the NBA Jam guy as a commentator 2,000
Red Barrel Rain Drops a cluster of red barrels in front of you 2,000

How do you get the revolver in Rage 2?

To unlock the revolver, you need to get to one of the Arks available in the game. The Dank Catacomb Ark is located in the northern part of Sekreto Wetlands. This location has the seventh level of difficulty and is not intended for novice players. Go there only after filling in the few initial story tasks.

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How do you beat Greenhaven ark?

Use the Charged Pulse Cannon.

Killing the Cyber Crusher:

  1. Aim for the blue glowing panel in the center of the Cyber Crusher’s chest.
  2. Once it goes down, run up and shoot the blue glowing containers on its back.
  3. When both containers are destroyed you can shoot and kill the Cyber Crusher head on.

Where is the hyper cannon in Rage 2?

The Hyper Cannon location is the Greenhaven Ark, up in the north of The Wilds. It’s by far the hardest Ark in the game with an enemy rating of 10, so don’t expect to be able to just waltz in there and grab yourself the Hyper Cannon without much trouble.

What does Weapon Mastery do in Rage 2?

Magazine capacity – increases magazine capacity. Speedy reload – increases reload speed. … Weapon mastery – bullets that killed an enemy will return to your magazine.

Where is the smart rocket launcher in Rage 2?

The Smart Rocket Launcher is located in the Strongbox Ark in the Torn Plains region.