What season were heavy shotguns added?

The Heavy Shotgun is a Shotgun in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was added in Season 3.

What season was the charge shotgun added?

The Charge Shotgun is a Shotgun in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was introduced in Chapter 2: Season 3.

What shotgun was added to fortnite?

The Lever-Action Shotgun was added to Fortnite in Chapter 2, Season 5. To use the gun in Season 7, gamers will need to craft it from a Pump Shotgun or a Tac Shotgun. The Lever-Action shotgun has a DPS of 88.9 and deals 93.6 Damage to opponents.

Is there a charged shotgun in Season 8?

The Charge Shotgun is back in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8, and the community is rather divided in its opinion of it. While some players love the weapon, others absolutely hate it and want it vaulted up again.

Is charge shotgun in Season 5?

The Charge Shotgun has been unvaulted with Patch 15.00, replacing the Combat Shotgun and the Pump Shotgun once again. A few hours after the release of Chapter 2 Season 5, the Common variant of the Charge Shotgun has been re-vaulted once again with 15.00.

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When was the heavy shotgun last in fortnite?

It was vaulted due to the addition of the Epic & Legendary Pump Shotgun which was used a lot more often than the Heavy shotgun. Heavy Shotgun has been unvaulted on June 29th, 2019 for 24 hours for the 14 Days of Summer event.

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Heavy Shotgun
Vaulted Patch 7.30

What season were boogie bombs added to fortnite?

The Boogie Bomb is a Throwable Item in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was added in Season 2.

Is the TAC AR in fortnite?

For the others, see Tactical Weapons. Tactical Assault Rifle (aka John Wick’s AR by the community) is an Assault Rifle available in Battle Royale. It is available in Rare, Epic and Legendary and uses Light Bullets as ammunition. The Tactical Assault Rifle is fully automatic, has a x1.

Is the purple Tactical Shotgun still in fortnite?

In Patch 14.0, the Tactical Shotgun was vaulted for the 1st time, and was replaced by the Combat Shotgun. It is because the Tactical Shotgun was too weak after the weapon nerf in Patch 13.0. … It’s Damage was increased to 72/76/80/84/88, making the Common and Uncommon rarities almost equal to the Heavy Shotgun.

Are combat shotguns in fortnite?

Long range and large magazine size. The Combat Shotgun is a shotgun in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was introduced in Season 9.

What was the first shotgun in fortnite?

The Tactical Shotgun is one of the original shotguns in Fortnite. It was introduced along with the Battle Royale mode. Currently vaulted, the Tactical Shotgun was a controversial weapon to say the least. It wasn’t given an Epic or Legendary version until Season 9, but the lower rarity versions still did the trick.

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Will the pump shotgun come back 2020?

Most of the players find Pump shotgun as their favourite and they are waiting to play with it again very eagerly. However, these guns are currently vaulted by Epic Games for the season. They might reappear in any of the further seasons. This means the Pump shotgun is now only available in creative mode.

Is charge shotgun better than pump?

If we compare the reload time of these weapons based on their rarity tier-list in the game, Pump shotguns have an approximate reload speed of 5.7- 4.0 seconds compared to Charge shotguns, which have an approximate reload speed of 4.8- 4.0 seconds.

Is pump shotgun in fortnite?

The Striker Pump Shotgun is one of the newest weapons introduced in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1.