What does weapon reform do BDO?

What does reforming a weapon do in BDO?

You can reform the item again to get different bonuses. You can see these bonuses in the tooltip as “Extra Effects”. Reforming primary weapons similarly gives different “Extra Effects”: +1 to Critical Hit Rate, Attack Speed, or Casting Speed, while secondary weapons give +1 to Back, Air, or Down damage.

What does ultimate weapon Reform Stone do?

– Description: This reform stone can be used when attempting to reform a weapon.

Can you reform Naru gear?

Naru Gear Enhancement

Naru Gear requires Beginner Black Stones to enhance. Naru armor and weapons can be enhanced to PEN. Naru accessories can be enhanced to TRI.

How do I upgrade my sub weapon BDO?

To enhance your equipment, talk to your black spirit companion and select the ‘enhance’ option. Using black stones, which can be found on level 25+ monsters or purchased on the marketplace, you can increase the base stats on a piece of gear up to 15 times, adding +1 to the name of the item for each success.

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Can you reform boss gear BDO?

Boss gear cannot be upgraded because it is already at the highest grade. You cannot upgrade liverto weapons, but blue grade awakening weapons can be upgraded. Once you have your reform stone, summon your Black Spirit and click the “Item Reform” option.

What is armor Reform stone BDO?

– Description: This reform stone can be used when attempting to reform a defense gear. – How to Obtain: Crafting at a Refinery; Exchange Hunter’s Seal x5 with Thyshelle Arms (Jeweler of Tarif) – Press RMB on the item or summon the Black Spirit to start item reform.

How do you enchant a weapon in BDO?

You can enchant by selecting enhancement from your Black Spirit. Press the “,” and select enhancement to bring up the menu. You can’t do this immediately, you unlock this option after completing the Awakening quest where you go to Edan in the Ancient Stone Chamber.

What is the best armor set in BDO?

Grunil and Heve are the most recommended armor sets.

How do you get Kzarka weapon in BDO?

Even if you don’t get a Weapon Box right away, you can obtain your Kzarka Weapon by turning in 100 Latent Auras with the Kzarka Quest. Kzarka weapons are usually the cheapest/easiest boss weapons to purchase on the Marketplace and are frequently seen in give-aways and events.

What do beginner black stones do?

You can exchange Beginner Black Stones to Fughar for any Naru Gear.

How do you get black star armor in BDO?

Blackstar Armor Requirements

  1. Knowledge “The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah”
  2. Level 56+
  3. Calpheon and Mediah main quest lines completed.
  4. 3x boss gear — awakening/main/sub-weapon or armor +0 only (See details below)
  5. Remnants of the Rift rare drop.
  6. Specter’s Energy rare drop.
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