Quick Answer: How many Marines are in a rifle platoon?

In the United States Marine Corps, infantry rifle platoons nominally (per TO&E) consist of 43 Marines and are led by a platoon commander, usually a second lieutenant (O-1), assisted by a platoon sergeant, a staff sergeant (E-6).

How many Marines are in a rifle company?

A rifle company weapons platoon will be equipped with a mortar section of 13 Marines, an assault section with 13 Marines and six rocket launchers divided into three distinct squads of two teams each, and then a medium machine gun section consisting of 22 Marines and six machine guns divided into three squads of two …

How big is a Marine rifle squad?

The squad size is changing from 13 to 15 Marines. The squad leader will be joined by an assistant squad leader and a systems operator. These two new positions, alongside a Corpsman, give the Marine squad 16 guns total. Let’s do some math for Marines.

How many people are in a Marine rifle squad?

Each Rifle Squad consists of 15 enlisted personnel. Its basic subdivisions are the squad headquarters and 3 homogeneous fire teams. The squad headquarters consists of a squad leader (Sergeant), assistant squad leader (Corporal), and squad systems operator (Lance Corporal).

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How many Marines in a machine gun squad?

Total: 10 Marines. section, two per squad, and one per machine gun team.

What is a group of Marines called?

Team: Four individual Marines assigned to a specific team (Three team members, plus the team leader). Squad: Three Teams are assigned to a specific squad. Platoon: Three squads are usually assigned to a specific platoon. Company (or Battery): Three platoons are assigned to a Company (sometimes called a battery).

How many squads are in a platoon?

Three or four squads make up a platoon, which has 20 to 50 soldiers and is commanded by a lieutenant. Two or more platoons make up a company, which has 100 to 250 soldiers and is commanded by a captain or a major.

How many Fireteams are in a platoon?

Two or three fireteams are organised into a section or squad in co-ordinated operations, which is led by a squad leader.


Typical units Typical numbers Typical commander
platoon, troop 15–45 second lieutenant, first lieutenant, lieutenant

What rank commands a squad?

Squad. The squad is a soldier’s most intimate group, consisting of six to ten soldiers. A squad is commanded by a staff sergeant or sergeant.

How many platoons are there?

Army Organizational Elements

Unit Name Alternative Names Components
Platoon 16-40 Soldiers in 2 or more Squads
Company Troop (Cavalry), Battery (Artillery) 100-200 Soldiers in 3-5 Platoons
Battalion Squadron (Cavalry) 4-6 Companies
Brigade Group (Logistics or Special Forces) 2-5 Battalions

What does a Marine platoon consist of?

PLATOON. Consists of three squads. Commanded by a lieutenant.

What does a rifleman do in the Marines?

Riflemen are the primary scouts, assault, and close combat forces available to the MAGTF. They are the foundation of the Marine Infantry Organization, and as such are the nucleus of the fire team in the rifle squad, the scout team in the LAR Squad, and Scout Snipers in the infantry battalion.

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How many mortars are in a mortar platoon?

The Mortar Platoon was made up of a six-man HQ and three 18-man mortar sections, each section armed with two 81mm M1 mortars. A total of six mortars and 60 men. A significant proportion of these 60 men were ammunition bearers.

How many Marines are in a mortar section?

The USMC organizes the mortar platoon as part of the weapons company. There is a headquarters platoon (platoon commander, platoon sergeant, ammunition technician, and two ammunition men). There are two mortar sections made up of 32 men each.

How much does a Marine machine gunner make?

United States Marine Corps Machine Gunners earn $24,000 annually, or $12 per hour, which is equal to the national average for all Machine Gunners at $24,000 annually and 93% lower than the national salary average for ​all working Americans.