Quick Answer: How do you get level 10 weapons in me3?

What is the best weapon in Mass Effect 3?

10 Best Weapons In Mass Effect 3

  1. 1 The Javelin Does Great Damage From A Great Distance.
  2. 2 Geth Plasma Shotgun Shoots Slow, Hits Hard. …
  3. 3 Do Not Underestimate The Black Widow. …
  4. 4 M-99 Saber Does Serious Damage In Its Class. …
  5. 5 M-96 Mattock Is A Classic Butt-Kicking Tool. …
  6. 6 The Balance Of The M-15 Vindicator Is Clutch. …

How do you get the one and only ME3?

The One and Only is an achievement in Mass Effect 3 that is available with the Mass Effect 3: Citadel downloadable content pack. The One and Only is obtained by selecting the Mirror Match option at the Armax Arsenal Arena and successfully completing the match on Normal or higher difficulty.

Whats the best armor in ME3?

Best Armor in Mass Effect 3

  • Those who are struggling to stay alive should consider the Collector Armor, which boosts shields and health significantly.
  • Howver, really powerful for Shielding is the Terminus Assault Armor, which raises shields by 30%, the highest amoutn in ME3.
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Which is better the black widow or N7 Valiant?

In comparison with the Black Widow at the same level, the Valiant does around 40% less damage per shot. However, the Valiant is a lot lighter, fires faster, reloads faster, and has drastically less recoil.

What’s the best sniper rifle in Mass Effect 3?

Considering all weapon statistics, the Black Widow is the best sniper rifle to wield in Mass Effect 3. The Black Widow sniper rifle is equipped with the following stats: 98/100 for Weight, Capacity at 14/100, Fire Rate with a 6/100, Damage goes for 66/100, and Accuracy falls at 80/100.

How do you unlock Mirror Mode in ME3?

Defeat a group of Spectre-level opponents on Normal, Hardcore, or Insanity. To unlock this achievement, you need to earn a gold level token, by scoring quite high in a match. After you have acquired one, you need to spend it on ‘Mirror Match Combat Set’ from the gold level token store.

How do you hijack an Atlas Mech?

How to Hijack Atlas. All you need to do is keep shooting the cockpit until the yellow Armor bar drops to about the about half way point. At this point the cockpit glass will shatter. Line up a shot that targets the pilot, preferably in the head, and you can kill him, leaving the mech vulnerable.

How do you level up enemies in Spectre?

In order to unlock Spectre-level opponents, you’ll need to earn a gold prize in the Arena. You’ll need to get over 6000 points in one match. Once you do, go to the gold rewards booth and unlock Mirror Match. When you go down to the simulator computer, select N7 enemies.

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What is the best shotgun in ME3?

[Top 3] Mass Effect 3 Best Shotguns And How To Get Them

  • M-300 Claymore (Best for one-shotting anything in your way) Look at that thing go! …
  • Geth Plasma Shotgun (Best for charging up your gun for huge damage) The Geth Plasma Shotgun in all it’s glory. …
  • M-11 Wraith (Best for versatility)

What is the best assault rifle in Mass Effect 3?

[Top 3] Mass Effect 3 Best Assault Rifles And How To Get Them

  • M-76 Revenant (Kicks like a mule but hits like a truck)
  • Particle Rifle (All-around good rifle that never requires a reload)
  • Saber (High-damage single shot Rifle)
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How do you upgrade armor in Mass Effect 3?

In Mass Effect 3, Commander Shepard’s armor can be customized by swapping out pieces of the default N7 Armor for pieces purchased from merchants, found on missions, or made available as downloadable content, by using the armor locker aboard the Normandy SR-2.