Question: What weapons have active input in Brawlhalla?

Active inputs are an attack property unique to the Scythe and several Signature attacks. The core concept of active inputs is that holding a different directional key after an initial hit will result in the attack finishing in a different way.

How do you do active input in Brawlhalla?

Active Input: Hold Forward – The second hit becomes a kick that sends your opponent forward horizontally and low to the ground.

Does Greatsword have active input?

Unlike all previous weapons, the Greatsword both has active input light attacks, and does not require impact with an opponent in order to use active-input followups. … Learning well the Greatsword’s full menu of possible attacks thus proves key to its success, moreso than with any other weapon.

Does Volkov have active input?

Side Signature – Volkov unleashes a torrent of bats to trap his enemy, then uses his cape to either float behind them for a reversal, or float in front of them to spike them down on active input. … As he flies forward, he spins and swirls his Scythe around at high speeds to slice his enemies.

What is active input?

an active input signal, simply measures the active input current. It does not excite the loop. a passive input signal, excites the current loop, excites other loop powered devices wired in the loop, and measures the current.

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Who has reversal sigs in Brawlhalla?

The legends you can use for this mission are Bodvar, Diana, Hatori, Kaya, Mako, Mordex, Scarlet, Teros, Xull, and Yumiko, But that’s not all. We’ll tell you the exact reversal signatures you’ll need for this quest in Brawlhalla. How do you think our Top 5 Legends in Brawlhalla look like?

Which legend has active input?

Active Input Signatures

Legend Attack Outcome
Fait Down Sig Fait shoots her opponent directly upward.
Petra Side Sig On the final blow of her attack, Petra uppercuts her opponent to the sky.
Petra punches her opponent forward.
Volkov Side Sig Volkov teleports above his opponent and slashes them diagonally downward.

How do I get active input in KOs?

General Missions

KOs can be earned by either active input signatures or active input light attacks. For signature attacks with active input, see List of Active Input Signatures. The Scythe is the only weapon with active input light attacks, being Side Light, Down Light, Neutral Air and Down Air.

What is a signature in Brawlhalla?

Side Attack. A light attack or heavy attack performed while the player is holding left or right. Signature. Performing a heavy attack while grounded and holding a weapon.