Question: Can you sneak attack with Monk weapons?

The Sneak Attack feature works with a weapon that has the finesse or ranged property. An unarmed strike isn’t a weapon, so it doesn’t qualify. In contrast, a rogue/monk can use Sneak Attack with a monk weapon, such as a shortsword or a dagger, that has one of the required properties.

Can you sneak attack with any weapon?

There is, however, an important caveat: sneak attacks can only be performed with ranged weapons or weapons with the finesse property (in addition to the other requirements). … This is because of the way that weapon types are balanced within the game.

Does sneak attack work with natural weapons?

Nat weapons for things that call for weapon attacks, but not for things that require actual weapons such as Sneak Attack, Kensei/Monk weapons, or Divine Smite. … It requires an actual weapon.

Can you flurry of blows with Monk weapons?

Yes, it can

However, if the attack you use to allow the Flurry of Blows is neither unarmed or a monk weapon and you are still holding it when you make your unarmed attack, their damage is 1 + STR bonus rather than monk die + STR/DEX bonus as you do not qualify for the monks unarmed benefits.

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Are Monk weapons finesse?

While monks don’t give the weapons they use the finesse function by name, the fact that a monk can use either str or dex bonus for these weapons does make them finesse. The definition of finesse is that str or dex can be used.

Can you sneak attack with strength?

You can gain sneak attack if you have advantage and a finesse weapon. You gain advantage when using reckless attacks and using strength in melee. Finesse allows you to use either strength or dexterity for attacks. So…

Can a longsword be used for sneak attack?

Benefit: You can wield a longsword to deal Sneak Attack damage and to use rogue powers that require a light blade (you still cannot throw the longsword). You reduce Sneak Attack damage by one die when using a longsword.

Can you sneak attack with claws?

The answers previous to this are correct – the claws are NOT a finesse weapon and therefore cannot be used for a sneak attack, using the Rules As Written (RAW).

Does sneak attack apply to unarmed strike 5e?

Can a rogue/monk use Sneak Attack with unarmed strikes? The Sneak Attack feature works with a weapon that has the finesse or ranged property. An unarmed strike isn’t a weapon, so it doesn’t qualify.

Can natural weapons use Dex?

The Mastiff is not nearly as good an example, but every creature I could find with much higher Dex than Str uses Dex to attack. Based on these (and a lot of other) examples, it seems clear that some creatures can use Dex to attack with their natural weapons, but some cannot.

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Can monk use flurry of blows twice?

When you use your Flurry of Blows, you can make up to three additional attacks with it (up to a total of five Flurry of Blows attacks), provided that each Flurry of Blows attack targets a different creature this turn.”

Are simple ranged weapons monk weapons?

2 Answers. The weapon is still a simple melee weapon, even when you throw it to make a ranged attack. The weapon’s position on the table tells you what type of weapon it is. Since it’s a simple melee weapon, it’s a monk weapon.

Can you make an unarmed strike while holding a two handed weapon?

You can make an unarmed attack when holding a two-handed weapon.

Can Monk use defensive duelist?

6 Answers. No. The key here is that the Monk weapon ability doesn’t actually add the keyword “finesse” to the weapon, it just lets you use Dex for attack and damage. Defensive Duelist specifies that a weapon have that keyword, and thus, no, it can’t be used.

Can monks use daggers?

Monks can use daggers as monk weapons, that part makes sense and is clear. Also, a character can dual wield daggers and thrown them both if they use action + bonus action.

Can a rogue use a quarterstaff?

You may use a quarterstaff as a light, one-handed, finesse weapon (1d6 Bludgeoning + Strength or Dexterity).