How many abilities can a weapon have Dark Cloud 2?

How many times can you upgrade a weapon in dark cloud?

Upgrade a weapon 10 times. Max any attribute for a weapon without an attachment.

What is the most powerful weapon in dark cloud?

The strongest weapon in the entire game is the Chronicle 2, which is only available after you defeat The Dark Genie and descend to the lowest level of the Demon Shaft — hopefully, you acquired a Supernova for Osmond to do this.

What does quench do in dark cloud?

Dark Chronicle

Ability Information
Durable Weapon WHP decreases at a slower rate. Its opposite is Fragile.
Fragile Weapon WHP decreases at a faster rate. Its opposite is Durable.
Heal Gradually heal by 1 health point every 5 seconds. Its opposite is Absorb.
Poison Every hit has a small chance to poison enemies.

What are the coins for in Dark Cloud 2?

Coins are a type of item meant for synthezing extra abilities, rather than stats, onto weapons in Dark Chronicle. Coins always add a positive effect, unless the intended weapon is already afflicted with the opposite ability, in which case the two cancel each other out and you end up with neither.

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Can you status break the dagger?

If it breaks, it does not disappear, but instead remains usable as a broken dagger. It can still be used, but deals only 1 damage on hit, and its current ABS points are lost. If turned into a Synth Sphere with Status Break, it will retain only its base stats, not its upgraded stats.

Can you fight with a scythe?

As a pole weapon, the war scythe is characterised by long range and powerful force (due to leverage). They could be used, depending on construction and tactics, to make slashing or stabbing attacks, and with their uncommon appearance and considerable strength could have a psychological impact on an unprepared enemy.

How do you build Mardan Eins?

Build up to

Using Poison Apples, fish at the oasis in Muska Lacka until you catch a Mardan Garayan. Once completed, the water fairy begins selling the Mardan Eins. Keep catching more Mardan and Baron Garayans until you can build it up into the Mardan Twei and finally the Arise Mardan.

What is Xiao best weapon Dark Cloud?

Xiao’s strongest weapon is the Angel Gear.

How do you build a bone rapier?

Build up to

The Bone Rapier cannot be built up from another sword, but it can be found in dungeon treasure chests. In the sequel it has the Poison ability, can be purchased at Jurak Arms for 500 Gilda, but also invented.

What does the serpent sword build up to?

Dark Chronicle

Minimum 54
Build up: 80
Maximum 111

How do I make dark cloud durable?

Durable is random. When you buy or find a new weapon, there is a small chance that it will have either the Durable ability or it’s evil twin brother, Fragile.

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How do you get Knight Boots in Dark Cloud 2?

2 Best: Knight Boots

Knight Boots are made with x2 Thick Hide and x1 Sturdy Cloth. They are invented by combining Belt, Shield, and The Moon and can be crafted as early as Chapter One.

How do you get milane?

To get her to join, a necessary task for completing the Sindain georama, Monica must build up the Gladius sword twice. This can be done with a store bought Gladius or the one Milane gives the player. You are also allowed to simply show her a Chopper or a Sand Breaker you acquired through other means.

How do you get Claire in Dark Cloud 2?

She can be found in her room (in the house near Max’s house) or at the coffee shop in Palm Brinks. To recruit her, it is necessary to show her a photo of the Lafrescia Stem, which is seen at Rainbow Falls in Rainbow Butterfly Wood after growing the Lafrescia seed.