How do you use the weapon wheel in Doom Eternal PC?

Alternatively, you can hold the same button to bring up the weapon wheel. You can then use the right stick to select the gun you want to use. Once you’ve highlighted the one you want, let go of the buttons and you’ll switch weapons.

How do you open the weapon wheel in Doom Eternal PC?

To make the Weapon Wheel accessible, just bind “Switch Weapon” to your key of choice, then bind “Next Weapon” and “Previous Weapon” to Mousewheel Up/Down, respectively if they aren’t already. When you’re finished, you should now be able to pull up the Weapon Wheel!

What are the controls for Doom Eternal PC?


Move Forward W
Strafe Left A
Strafe Right D
Jump Space
Dash Left Shift

How do you use the sword in Doom Eternal PC?

The Crucible sword works like Doom Eternal’s chainsaw, only it doesn’t give you any ammo when you use it. You can equip it by pressing right on the D-pad and swing it with the right trigger. It will kill most enemies with one swing, but some enemies, like the aforementioned Marauder, won’t be affected by it.

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What button do you shoot in doom?

Default controls

Function Keyboard Mouse
Fire weapon Ctrl button 1
Use (open) space bar double-click button 2 or double-click button 3
Strafe² Alt button 3
Run³ Shift

How do you use the chainsaw in Doom Eternal PC?

You can even use a controller natively in the PC version of Doom Eternal, if that’s your thing.

Doom Eternal controls and keybindings.

Doom Eternal Xbox One and PS4 controls
Switch Weapon / Weapon Wheel (Hold) R1 RB
Flame Belch Triangle Y
Chainsaw Square X
Dash Circle B

What is blood punch in Doom eternal?

The Blood Punch is a new type of melee attack introduced in Doom Eternal. Unlike the standard melee attack, the Blood Punch must be charged by performing Glory Kills on enemies. It acts as a highly powered-up melee punch performed using the left fist of the Slayer.

Can you duck in doom?

ya i get that, I’m using shift. but there is no option to have have to hold down crouch. You just tap it and it stays activated.

How many weapons doom eternal?

Doom: Eternal would not be a Doom game without an extensive list of weapons and heavy firepower for you to use against the horde of relentless demons you have to fight through. You have a total of eight weapons, but six of them feature modifications to change how you use them in combat.

How do you use the sword doom?

How to Use the Crucible Sword. The Crucible is similar to the BFG 9000 or Chainsaw, a weapon that can basically end a fight on the first strike. By pressing right on the D-pad, you can sheathe and unsheathe the sword, then press the Right Trigger/R2 to hit enemies with it.

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What is an Ikakalaka sword?

The Vibranium Ikakalaka Sword was a Wakandan weapon made of Vibranium and used by Erik Killmonger.

Can the Marauder be killed with the Crucible?

He raises a large shield that sends your attacks back at you. The only attacks that can damage him through his shield are grenades and remote detonation rockets. Ice Grenades, Chainsaw, Crucible Sword, and the BFG don’t work on him.