How do you get the wonder weapon in classified?

How do you get the wonder weapon classified?

You just need to survive three rounds in the Pack-a-Punch area. Don’t leave Area 51, a.k.a. Groom Lake for three full rounds. If you survive that long, a door will clear to the left of the Pack-a-Punch. In the corner of this new area, you’ll find a weapon case that contains the Winter’s Howl Wonder Weapon.

What’s the code on classified zombies?

The order you have to enter the codes in is: Shi No Numa -> 6044. Der Riese -> 2272. Shangri-La -> 6413.

Is the winters howl good?

The Winter’s Howl, and the Winter’s Fury are best used as support or emergency weapons. The range is very long, but there is a small delay before the shot reaches its target, similar to the Ray Gun and explosive weapons. The effect is also vision-blocking, and can be detrimental to the aim of teammates.

What does the VR 11 do?

The V-R11 is a very unique weapon. When a zombie is hit by one of the V-R11’s beams, it will turn into a normal human. The human will be chased around by zombies, and he will scream while he is alive.

Where are the pack-a-punch parts on classified?

Location #1: Inside the first of the 3 massive cylinder shaped chambers. Location #2: On the office desk in the back of the room. Right behind the prep table. Location #3: Inside the smaller room of the Morgue, sitting on the wooden office chair, right next to the Mystery Box location.

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How do you pack-a-punch on classified?

In order to activate the Pack-a-Punch, simply head over to the middle of the War Room and attach the Teleporter Signal Amplifier to Pack-a-Punch machine. Once activated, you can now use the teleporter to the travel to the Groom Lake Pack-a-Punch area.

How do you build Orion’s death?

In order to get Death of Orion, you first need to unlock IX’s Pack-a-Punch machine. For those who don’t know, getting Pack-a-Punch involves solving a mini puzzle. It offers a 25 percent damage increase to weapons when used. In the spirit of Black Ops 4, the buff can be stacked up to four times.

How do you get the wonder weapon on voyage of despair?

Before hunting down the Elemental Kraken, you’ll need to acquire the Kraken Wonder Weapon. You can get it from any Mystery Box in “Voyage of Despair”. Many of the parts will spawn in one of two random locations.