How do you get better weapons in Far Cry 5?

Visit any of the arms dealers (the pistol icon on the world map) if you want to get better weapons. Don’t spend your money on those models that have slightly better stats than guns that can be found in the world for free.

How do you upgrade your weapons in Far Cry 5?

Press X (or A) on the weapon you want to customize/upgrade, and then you’ll be greeted with the different sights, silencers, and mags available. Select the one you want to equip to your weapon and then use X or A once again to confirm this.

What is the strongest weapon in Far Cry 5?

Far Cry 5: 15 Best Weapons In The Game

  1. 1 Recurve Bow. Type: Bow. Accuracy: 7/10.
  2. 2 SMG-11. Type: Sidearm. Accuracy: 3/10. …
  3. 3 Shovel Launcher. Type: Launcher. Accuracy: 7/10. …
  4. 4 D50. Type: Sidearm. Accuracy: 6/10. …
  5. 5 M-79 Grenade Launcher. Type: Sidearm. …
  6. 6 AR-CL. Type: Rifle. …
  7. 7 M249. Type: Machine Gun. …
  8. 8 MBP . Type: Sniper Rifle. …
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Why are there so few guns in Far Cry 5?

Many of the guns from the previous far cry games are gone, as well as the customization options. This is fine initially, but the end game is just boring without new weapons to play with. The sense of progression is gone since there are no top tier weapons to play around with.

Does Far Cry 5 Have Gun customization?

Interestingly enough, Far Cry 5 launched with a weapon customization system that, while not necessarily glamorous, allowed players to set up their weapons the way they want.

How do you get the fourth weapon in Far Cry 5?

Do this by completing missions, side quests, freeing civilians, liberating compounds, blowing up cult property, and killing cult VIPs. Every third of the bar will trigger a story mission. Once you’re there, you will have a showdown with him. The perk to get the fourth weapon slot is unlocked after this fight.

Which Far Cry has the best weapons?

La Varita: the best weapon in Far Cry 6

La Varita is by far the best weapon in Far Cry 6. But there’s a catch: in order for it to reach its full potential, you also need to be using its companion Supremo, Triador.

Is AK 47 good in Far Cry 5?

The Warrior has the possibility to make it the best close-range AK in Far Cry 5, as the extra point in handling gives it an edge in reload speed and general handling speeds, allowing the user to make faster shots at critical ranges that may give them the upper hand.

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What is the best AR in Far Cry 5?

When it comes to Far Cry 5 best weapons, The AR-CL is a great option due to it being an all-around flexible rifle. This one offers armor-piercing ammo and a solid range of attachments.

What perks should I get in Far Cry 5?

Far Cry 5: 10 Best Perks

  • 10 King of the Jungle.
  • 9 Black Market.
  • 8 Grapple.
  • 7 Nimble Fingers.
  • 6 Ghost.
  • 5 Leadership.
  • 4 Repair Torch.
  • 3 Locksmith.

Is the slingshot good Far Cry 5?

When loaded with rocks, the slingshot has infinite ammunition, but does far less damage, however, it can still kill a lower-level cultist with a single headshot when fully drawn back. If it strikes an enemy in the body, it will simply bounce off and likely alert them to the player’s presence.

Is there a Desert Eagle in Far Cry 5?

The D50 returns again in Far Cry 5’s Hambearger Live Event, with the Sovereign unique version being the first. Unlike the other entries, the D50 in Far Cry 5 uses .