How do you cast a spiritual weapon?

Breaking down the spell description: You create a floating, spectral weapon within range … So, you use your cleric’s bonus action to cast the spell, creating the spiritual weapon within 60 feet of your cleric. When you cast the spell, you can make a melee spell attack against a creature within 5 feet of the weapon.

How do I use spiritual weapons?

Spiritual Weapon is a 2nd level spell on the Cleric spell list. It takes a bonus action to cast and lasts for one minute. When you cast the spell, you create a spectral weapon within 60 feet of you and can make a melee spell attack against a creature within 5ft of that weapon.

Can you hit a spiritual weapon?

No. Longer version: its spectral, any attacks against it simply pass straight through the thing. A low intelligence monster might try (or an inexperienced intelligent creature, like a new player). Spiritual weapon doesn’t require concentration, you’d have to use some type of magic removal.

Can you cast spiritual weapon and a spell?

You could cast a regular spell like guiding bolt while using spiritual weapon and keeping concentration in Bless? Yes, that’s fine. A bonus action granted by a spell is not the same as casting a spell as a bonus action.

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Can you cast two spiritual weapons?

No, twin casting requires a spell that targets only one creature. Spiritual weapon does not target anything until after it’s created so it is ineligible to be twinned.

Can spiritual weapon go through walls?

The case for: Yes; spiritual weapon can move through walls.

What are gods weapons?

The most powerful mythological weapons.

They are also symbols of authority, wisdom, and divine salvation.

  • The Trident of Poseidon. …
  • Zeus’ Lightning Bolt. …
  • Ruyi Jingu Bang. …
  • 12 Magical Weapons From Japanese Mythology to Know About.
  • 15 Deadly Japanese Yokai You’d Never Want to Meet. …
  • Ax of Pangu. …
  • Kusanagi no Tsurugi. …
  • Mjolnir.

Can you destroy spiritual weapon?

The weapon deals force damage which means it’s made of magical energy. It can’t be directly attacked or destroyed.

Can spiritual weapon take damage?

1 Answer. The Spell does not provide a mechanism for doing damage to the spiritual weapon, the mechanics by which it would save, or its susceptibility. Since nothing is defined, Rules as Written, nothing exists. Maintain concern for Dispel Magic spells, anti-magic areas, or attempts to incapacitate the Cleric.

What kind of damage does spiritual weapon do?

You create a floating, spectral weapon within range that lasts for the Duration or until you cast this spell again. When you cast the spell, you can make a melee spell Attack against a creature within 5 feet of the weapon. On a hit, the target takes force damage equal to 1d8 + your Spellcasting ability modifier.

Can I cast spiritual weapon and a Cantrip?

On the first turn, you are right, you can cast Spiritual Weapon (as a bonus action) and a Cantrip (as an action) but not any other spell. On the subsequent turns you can cast any spell as an action and then use your bonus action to control an already existing spell.

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Can you twin spiritual weapon?

Spiritual weapon does not target a creature in the same sense as Fire Bolt, Hold Person, or Blight. Even if you could twin it, the only benefits would be an extra attack when you cast it and the ability to have them in different locations as your bonus action would only let you move and attack with one of them.

Does spiritual weapon count as an ally?

The spiritual weapon is not a person, not a character, and not an ally. It’s a spell effect. It doesn’t take attacks of opportunity or flank.

Does spiritual weapon take your action?

A spiritual weapon (created by the spell of the same name) uses your bonus action for movement and attacking. It does not have its own actions, bonus actions or reactions. The Spiritual Weapon spell has a casting time of 1 bonus action and range of 60 feet.

Can you cast Spirit Guardians spiritual weapon?

If you could cast a bonus action spell using a normal action, you’d be able to combine Spirit Shroud with Spiritual Weapon the same way you can combine Spirit Guardians with Spiritual Weapon, by casting them both on turn 1. Unfortunately, RAW you can’t cast those both in the same turn.