Can you use great weapon master with booming blade?

Does great weapon master apply to versatile weapons?

The feat is targeted at only STR-based characters, using both hands (as all Heavy weapons have the two-handed property). It is too flexible to be used with versatile weapons.

Can you use extra attack with booming blade?

Casting Booming Blade requires the Cast a Spell action, not the Attack action. Extra Attack can be used only with the Attack Action.

Can you use great weapon master on every attack?

Great Weapon Master is a choice made on each attack, while Reckless Attack is made before the first attack and applies to the whole turn. So, you can turn GWM on or off for each attack.

Can you use booming blade with shadow blade?

Notably, the errata revealed that booming blade could no longer be stacked with the spell shadow blade, as booming blade now requires a material component – a melee weapon worth at least 1 silver piece.

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Does great weapon fighting work with polearm master?

Polearm Master

As a little added bonus, our additional d4+strength meets all the requirements for our great weapon fighting style, letting us typically eke out another 1-2 points of damage out of our bonus action attacks.

Does great weapon master require a heavy weapon?

To use Great Weapon Master on an attack, your character must wield a melee weapon with the Heavy property. This cuts out a lot of weapons that aren’t eligible for the damage bonus.

Can you use green flame blade twice?

The question is – can I cast Booming Blade or Green Flame Blade twice with my attack action? No. You can replace one of your attacks from the Attack action with a cantrip.

Can you stack booming blade and green flame blade?

If you can combine either Shillelagh, Battle Ready, or Hex Warrior with a way of getting Green-Flame Blade and/or Booming Blade, and other features/spells that allow for you to stack as much damage on one attack as possible, you have maximized the use of these spells.

Can you dual wield booming blade?

Booming Blade is Verbal and Materials, it has no Somatic component. Therefore you can dual wield and still use Booming Blade for your Attack action without needing the War Caster feat. You can’t use it for your Bonus Action off hand attack even with War Caster.

Can you use great weapon master twice?

With this weapon, GWM is always on. The biggest benefit is not that you can double it, but that you can spare spending an ASI on the feat.

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How useful is heavy armor master?

Is Heavy Armor Master Good? Heavy Armor Master is good for a frontline character in heavy armor. Reducing damage is a great way to stay in the fight longer and the reduction helps a lot in the early levels of play. The feat does taper off in effectiveness as you get into high levels of play, though.

Does great weapon fighting apply to crits?

Their dice are affected. If you reroll a weapon’s damage dice due to a critical hit, are the extra dice considered to be the weapon’s as well? … The great weapon fighting fighting style is worded the same way as critical hits, and all of the effects I mentioned work with critical hits.

Can you use Shadow Blade and green-flame blade?

Since this spell creates “a sword of solidified gloom” without reference to the weapons table, the shadow blade has no value. As such, it does not satisfy the material component of the blade cantrips. For confirmation, see Crawford’s tweet above. Green-Flame Blade no longer works with Shadow Blade.

Does green-flame blade consume weapon?

From my understanding, any component with a cost is consumed completely when casting the spell. Since the material component for Green-Flame Blade is ‘a weapon’, and every defined weapon has a cost, does the weapon just… vanish?

Can you twin spell shadow blade?

Essentially, you cannot twin this spell for the same reason you cannot twin Shadow Blade or Spiritual Weapon: it doesn’t target a creature, it just creates a weapon and lets you use it for attacks as a bonus action. The spell itself must target a creature.

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