Can you pick up a spiritual weapon?

No; the spiritual weapon is used by the caster. The text in the spell description is pretty clear on who makes the weapon attack: you (the spell caster). It is also clear on who causes it to move.

Can you hold spiritual weapon?

The spell creates a magical effect. Refer to this following passage from the spell description. It is a spell effect that resembles a weapon and therefore not a weapon. Even if you did grab it, you would not have proficiency with it and likely wouldn’t be able to use it as it is co…

Can you move a spiritual weapon?

You create a floating, spectral weapon within range that lasts for the Duration or until you cast this spell again. As a Bonus Action on Your Turn, you can move the weapon up to 20 feet and repeat the Attack against a creature within 5 feet of it. … The weapon can take whatever form you choose.

Can you move spiritual weapon without seeing it?

If your target can’t see you, you would get advantage against it even though they can see your spiritual weapon. If you can’t see your target, then you also get disadvantage against it and they cancel. The third paragraph also applies: if you attack with your spiritual weapon, it will give away your position.

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Can you move spiritual weapon without attacking?

A spiritual weapon (created by the spell of the same name) uses your bonus action for movement and attacking. It does not have its own actions, bonus actions or reactions. … As a bonus action on your turn, you can move the weapon up to 20 feet and repeat the attack against a creature within 5 feet of it.

Can you destroy spiritual weapon?

The weapon deals force damage which means it’s made of magical energy. It can’t be directly attacked or destroyed.

Can an enemy move through a spiritual weapon?

I won’t reproduce them all here, but all of the rules about occupying a square refer to creatures, and the weapon created by Spiritual Weapon isn’t a creature. So it shouldn’t hinder creatures moving through or even standing its square in the slightest.

Can spiritual weapon flank?

The spiritual weapon is not a person, not a character, and not an ally. It’s a spell effect. It doesn’t take attacks of opportunity or flank.

How far can a spiritual weapon go?

Spiritual Weapon tells you that its range is 60 feet, and you should take that seriously.

What level is spiritual weapon?

Spiritual Weapon is a 2nd level spell on the Cleric spell list. It takes a bonus action to cast and lasts for one minute. When you cast the spell, you create a spectral weapon within 60 feet of you and can make a melee spell attack against a creature within 5ft of that weapon.

Can spiritual weapon go through walls?

The case for: Yes; spiritual weapon can move through walls.

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Is spiritual weapon incorporeal?

It is incorporeal, which is mostly relevant in the sense that nothing can hit it. It appears as such (translucent/trasnparent and ghostly), so it can’t provide cover if, say, your spiritual weapon is a massive shield), and it can appear as the symbol of your deity or a weapon.

How do melee spell attacks work 5e?

In mechanics terms, a melee spell attack is a spell that allows you to make a melee attack, but use your spell casting modifier instead of your STR or DEX modifier for To-Hit calculations. Also, since a melee spell attack is not a ranged attack, you do not suffer disadvantage for casting in melee range.

Can you cast a spell while using spiritual weapon?

You could cast a regular spell like guiding bolt while using spiritual weapon and keeping concentration in Bless? Yes, that’s fine. A bonus action granted by a spell is not the same as casting a spell as a bonus action.

Is spiritual weapon a concentration?

The spiritual weapon spell doesn’t require concentration.

Can you cast shillelagh and a spell?

Basically, you can, so long as the second spell is a cantrip with a casting time of one action. So Shillelagh + Fire Bolt (or any other action cantrip) is fine, but Shillelagh + Fireball (or any other leveled spell, or non-action spell) is not.