Can you improve an already improved weapon Skyrim? has more exact details, but the relevant information is once you have increased your skill, you will be able to upgrade the same piece of equipment again.

Can I upgrade a weapon twice in Skyrim?

You can upgrade weapons and armor numerous times. Legendary is the final tier, but once you reach that title, even with Smithing at 100, you can upgrade further. Using enchanted gear (ring, necklace, gloves & shirt) allows for additional upgrades and even more so using a Fortify Smithing potion.

How much can weapons be improved in Skyrim?

There are six levels of upgrade available (from least to greatest): fine, superior, exquisite, flawless, epic, and legendary. Each upgrade level has a required skill level, and this level can be reduced with the perk associated with the type of weapon that the player wishes to upgrade.

Can you upgrade Daedric armor past legendary?

1 Answer. If your Daedric sword is at legendary then you can’t improve it anymore without using items and/or potions to (temporarily) increase your smithing level past 100. “The table shows what quality improvement an item will achieve based on Smithing level and if the Smithing perk for the item is taken or not.

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Can you improve unique weapons Skyrim?

Unique Weapons are weapons available in Skyrim generally found in fixed locations, unlike most equipment in the game, which are randomly generated or generic equipment (see Generic Magic Weapons). Some of these weapons can be improved through smithing. Improving enchanted weapons requires the Arcane Blacksmith perk.

What is the armor cap in Skyrim?

In skyrim there is a maximum armor cap of 567 when wearing 4 pieces of armor with each piece of armor adding a hidden 25 armor points which would make the actual armor cap without wearing any armor is 667.

How does improving armor work in Skyrim?

The higher your Smithing skill, the more the weapon damage is improved. Workbench: Allows you to improve armor. The higher your smithing skill, the more the armor rating is improved. Forge: Create new weapons and armor from raw materials.

What is the highest level you can improve a weapon in Skyrim?


Quality Skill Required Effect
Without Perk Weapon
Flawless 100 +7
Epic 134 +8
Legendary 168 +10

How do you grind smithing?

Three different ways to improve smithing fast.

  1. Get the transmute mineral ore spell from Halted Stream Camp then convert every iron ore into silver or gold to make jewelry.
  2. Raid a dwarven ruin to get a ton of dwarven ingots and make some dwarven bows then improve them.

How many times can I upgrade my gear in Skyrim?

There is no limit to how many times you can improve a piece of weaponry or armor.

Can you smith past legendary in Skyrim?

There’s no status past Legendary, however you can still improve the quality of the item if you get your Smithing skill high enough to do so. Enchant a ring, necklace, gauntlets and an armor with fortify blacksmithing and drink a fortify blacksmithing potion!

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What happens if I make smithing legendary?

Making skills Legendary allows skill leveling to continue, which in turn allows character level to continue to rise. Highly active question.

What items can be enchanted for smithing?

The following types of items can be enchanted with Fortify Smithing: Necklaces.


  • Silver-Blood Family Ring.
  • The Forgemaster’s Fingers.
  • Notched Pickaxe (does not bear the enchantment itself, but has the same effect).
  • Armor sold by Blacksmiths or General Goods Merchants.
  • Armor looted from chests and various enemies.

What is the coolest looking weapon in Skyrim?

Skyrim: 5 Of The Coolest Looking Swords (& 5 That Look Terrible)

  • 8 Cool: Nightingale Blade. …
  • 7 Terrible: Ancient Nord Sword. …
  • 6 Cool: Chillrend. …
  • 5 Terrible: Falmer Sword. …
  • 4 Cool: Daedric Sword. …
  • 3 Terrible: Forsworn Sword. …
  • 2 Cool: Dawnbreaker. …
  • 1 Terrible: Miraak’s Sword.

Can you improve unique weapons?

It is not possible to upgrade unique weapons that you collect. Towards the end of the main campaign, you will also start encountering Overclocked weapons.

Can you disenchant Valdr’s lucky dagger?

The effect itself is not considered to be an enchantment, so the weapon cannot be disenchanted to learn the effect. In addition, it is affected by Elemental Fury.