Can you craft weapons in Oblivion?

Can you forge weapons in Oblivion?

Long days and nights at the forge make you strong and tough. You are now a Journeyman Armorer. Using repair hammers, you can now fully repair magic weapons and armor.

Is there blacksmithing in Oblivion?

The following is a list of blacksmiths and weapons/armor merchants.


Name Maro Rufus
Location Imperial City
Shop (if applicable) The Best Defense

Is there dual wielding in Oblivion?

First, equip a melee weapon like normal. Then, to equip a weapon in your left hand, hover your mouse over it in the inventory menu and press the block key (default: left mouse button). Voila! When dual wielding, you attack and block like normal.

What weapon does the most damage in Oblivion?

Umbra Sword (Oblivion)

How do you get fortify skill in Oblivion?

Completing Nocturnal’s Daedric quest and acquiring the Skeleton Key makes the Fortify Skill effect available as long as you have the Skeleton Key in your inventory. Becoming a Vampire gives access to both Fortify Skill and Fortify Attribute effects.

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How do you increase marksman in Oblivion?


  1. Marksman is the art of using bows and arrows. …
  2. Improving your marksman skill increases the damage that you do, as reflected in the damage shown for bows and arrows in your inventory.
  3. The only way to increase your skill level is to successfully hit a living target.

Are there perks in oblivion?

Skill Perks are bonuses received once a certain level of skill is reached in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Can you repair items in Oblivion?

Normally, weapons and armor can be repaired up to 100%, however, upon reaching an expert level armorer, they can be repaired up to 125%, increasing the weapon damage/armor rating. Upon use, repair hammers will eventually break at random, unless the Hero is a master armorer.

How do I train heavy armor in Oblivion?

To maximize heavy armor skill increases, you should wear an almost complete set of heavy armor (boots, cuirass, gauntlets, greaves, helmet but no shield). Let an enemy hit you repeatedly without blocking and your skill will increase. If you block using your hands, both your heavy armor and Block skills will increase.

Can you dual wield daggers in Oblivion?

“The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion” features dozens of weapons, though by default, the player can only equip one at a time. If the player wants to wield two swords at once, he must first install Evantal’s “Duel Wielding,” a free mod available via The Elder Scrolls Nexus.

How do I drop items in Oblivion?

You can drop anything in your inventory on the ground so that it stops weighing you down. Select the item you want to drop and then press the Drop command: PC – ⇧ Shift +Click the item you want to drop, or drag and drop it out of your Inventory window. Xbox 360 – Highlight the item you want to drop and press X .

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What is the best Armour in Oblivion?

[Top 5] Elder Scrolls Oblivion Best Armor and How To Get Them

  1. Brusef Amelion’s Armor (Best for fighting characters)
  2. Ebony Armor (Best for fighting characters) …
  3. Daedric Armor (Best for Warriors) …
  4. Glass Armor (Best for light-armored characters) …
  5. Imperial Dragon Armor (Best for fighting characters) …

What is the best dagger in Oblivion?

Oblivion: 10 Best Weapons And How To Get Them

  • 3 Dawnfang and Duskfang.
  • 4 Skull of Corruption. …
  • 5 Bow of Infliction. …
  • 6 Mace of Molag Bal. …
  • 7 Thornblade. …
  • 8 Bow of Infernal Frost. …
  • 9 Akaviri Sunderblade. …
  • 10 Blade of Woe. A unique ebony dagger, the Blade of Woe is one of the more sleek daggers you can wield in Oblivion. …

Can you ride the unicorn in Oblivion?

The Unicorn is the focus of Hircine’s Daedric shrine quest, in which you are asked to kill the unicorn and return its horn to Hircine. It is found in Harcane Grove protected by three Minotaurs of the Grove. … The unicorn can be ridden like a regular horse and used as a free mount.