Best answer: Where did the word shotgun come from?

In the Wild West era of US history, a “shotgun guard” used to ride alongside a stagecoach driver as his protection, keeping a keen eye out for bandits and highwaymen. When we call “shotgun” to secure the front seat, it’s a reference to that once-vital job.

Why do they call it shotgun?

(slang) The front passenger seat in a vehicle, next to the driver; so called because the position of the shotgun-armed guard on a horse-drawn stage-coach, wagon train, or gold transport was next to the driver on a forward-mounted bench seat. I call shotgun! ― I claim the right to sit in the passenger seat.

When was the word shotgun invented?

According to Best Life writer Eric Spitznagel, the word “shotgun” harkens back to the 1880s and ’90s when financial institutions would employ fierce-looking men to protect the stagecoach transport of valuables or money—these “shotgun messengers” would take their seat on the stagecoach and were instructed to protect the …

What does the idiom riding shotgun mean?

Guard someone or something while in transit, as in The reporter found himself in the odd position of riding shotgun for an accused mobster. This term alludes to the armed defender of a stagecoach who sat beside the driver to protect against marauders and bandits.

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Who invented shotgun game?

In the latter part of the 1940s, the Philadelphia Eagles, under Hall of Fame Coach Earl “Greasy” Neale, implemented the shotgun formation in their offensive attack with quarterback Tommy Thompson. The formation was named by the man who actually devised it, San Francisco 49ers coach Red Hickey, in 1960.

Why is the passenger seat called the death seat?

The passenger seat next to the driver of an automotive vehicle. [So called because this seat is said to be the most dangerous one in the event of an accident.]

Where did shotgunning a beer come from?

The idea for the “Shotgun a Beer Every Day” challenge, however, was born in the stands of Dodger Stadium on a particularly significant day: June 18, 2014, when eventual MVP Clayton Kershaw pitched what some consider the best no-hitter of all time.

What do you call the seat beside the driver?

it is called a passenger seat. passenger seat is on the left or right side of the driver seat.

What do you call the seat behind the driver?

back seat. noun. a seat behind the driver of a car.

What is the meaning of once in the blue moon?

Once in a blue moon: This poetic phrase refers to something extremely rare in occurrence. A blue moon is the term commonly used for a second full moon that occasionally appears in a single month of our solar-based calendars.

What does the idiom cold shoulder mean?

cold shoulder. Deliberate coldness or disregard, a slight or snub. For example, When I said hello to her in the library, she gave me the cold shoulder and walked away.

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Who invented shotgun offense?

Red Hickey, 89, an NFL player and coach who is credited with inventing the shotgun formation, died Thursday of natural causes in Aptos, Calif., east of Santa Cruz, where he was receiving hospice care, his son Jeffrey said. Howard Wayne Hickey was born Feb.

Who invented the pistol offense?

Chris Ault, head coach of Nevada at the time, pioneered the pistol offense in 2004, and the “new” offense finally came to the national spotlight when Colin Kaepernick ran the offense under Ault in the early 2010s.

When was the first gun invented?

Historical timeline of the development of modern weapons starting at 1364 with the first recorded use of a firearm and ending in 1892 with the introduction of automatic handguns. 1364 – First recorded use of a firearm. 1380 – Hand guns are known across Europe. 1400s – The matchlock gun appears.