Best answer: When can I get celestial weapons FFX?

You cannot get any Celestial Weapon until after Zanarkand, although you can collect some components on the way. When you power up a Celestial Weapon with Auron, Yuna, Wakka, Lulu or Kimahri’s crests, they break damage limits for Yojimbo, Valefor, Ifrit, Shiva, and Ixion respectively.

How do I get celestial weapons in Final Fantasy 10?

To get the weapon, enter “Godhand” (all caps) as a password on the airship. Go to the area it unlocks and use the Celestial Mirror on the chest there. The Mercury Crest is in an antlion pit at Sanubia Desert West.

When can I turn the cloudy mirror into the Celestial Mirror?

The Cloudy Mirror and the Celestial Mirror Quest

If you win the race, the Cloudy Mirror will be your reward. In order to take that Cloudy Mirror and turn it into the Celestial Mirror you’ll need to head on down to the Macalania Woods.

How do I get celestial weapons?

To obtain it, the player must go to Remiem Temple and race the champion chocobo there. Winning obtains the Cloudy Mirror. To transform it into the Celestial Mirror, the player must go to the Macalania Woods where a woman at the entrance cannot find her husband. He is found two areas to the right and one area up.

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How do I upgrade my Auron celestial weapon?

After obtaining the Celestial Mirror, the Mars Crest, the Mars Sigil, and Masamune, you can finally upgrade Auron’s Celestial Weapon. Head back to the giant crystal in Macalania Woods and present both the Mars Crest and the Mars Sigil to it.

How do I get back to Macalania Woods?

Travel back to the entrance of Macalania Woods. You can either walk there or use the Airship to travel to Lake Macalania and then backtrack from there. Use the Save Sphere at Remiem Temple to board the Airship and then warp down to Lake Macalania as this is the quickest route.

How do I get a chocobo in FFX?

Chocobos can be caught and sent to the Calm Lands Ruins after the player has cleared the ranch of fiends and obtained some greens from Clasko.

How do you get a rusty sword in FFX?

How to Obtain Rusty Sword. The Rusty Sword is found near the entrance to the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.

How much HP does Dark Bahamut have?

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How do you get Dodger chocobo?

Dodger Chocobo

Continue to dodge them going the same direction when they are close together and only switch from left to right or from right to left when there is a larger gap between the balls. Successful completion of this mini-game will get you a Lv.

How do aeons break damage limit?

Energy Blast – Heavy non-elemental damage to all enemies. Power up Yuna’s Nirvana weapon with the Moon Crest. Meteor Strike – Armor-piercing non-elemental damage + Delay Attack.

Aeon Information.

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Break Damage Limit Power up Auron’s Masamune weapon with the Mars Crest or Saturn Crest (The latter applies to FFX International).

How do I get Masamune?

To get Masamune, head to the Calm Lands and take the north exit toward the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. When you arrive at the cave’s entrance, follow the trail that stretches to the right. Continue following the path until you come to a large ruin of stone with a soldier practicing near the edge.